'The Walking Dead' Gets A Second Season and Possibly Thomas Jane [Updated]

the walking dead season 2

[Update: Writer-director Frank Darabont has debunked The Walking Dead season 2 news. Scroll down for the update.]

My most anticipated show of the Fall 2010 season (besides HBO's Boardwalk Empire) is easily AMC's The Walking Dead, a zombie apocalypse TV series adapted from Robert Kirkman's acclaimed comic book series of the same name.

The Walking Dead certainly had a huge presence at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, and the first Walking Dead trailer has enjoyed an enthusiastic response from viewers around the Interwebs.

The TV series is being overseen by Frank Darabont, who you know from acclaimed movies like Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and (to a much lesser extent) The Mist. So in the minds of a lot viewers AMC + Darabont + popular Zombie series = something on TV to get excited about.

Well apparently AMC came up with the same formula I did, because according to TV Squad the network has already renewed The Walking Dead for a full 13-episode second season. I've never read Kirkman's comic series, but I do know that the plan for the TV show is to have season 1 be set in summer, when Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wakes from a coma to find the world overrun by zombies and his family missing. Presumably, season 2 would follow Grimes and other survivors as they try to survive a harsh zombie-filled winter.

My early prediction: we'll get to see something slightly new to the zombie horror sub-genre: Popsicle zombies! Either way, it speaks to the confidence AMC has in their new series that they're already moving forward with a second season.

Update: AICN spoke with writer-director Frank Darabont who claims that The Walking Dead season 2 news is only a rumor at this point.

“Shooting in February? As tired as I am right now getting season one through post, I'd rather shoot myself."

We'll keep you updated when we get official word on The Walking Dead season 2.


Thomas Jane

Another bit of Walking Dead news is that Hung star Thomas Jane is going to be making a guest appearance on the show. Jane was seen having dinner on Emmy night with Frank Darabont, as the two reportedly hatched a plan for Jane's appearance on the show (which will likely be a villain role - but not a zombie). Word is that Jane was originally set to star in The Walking Dead when HBO was considering picking up the series; in the end Jane went to Hung and AMC got the zombie drama and the rest is about to be history.

Popcorn Biz has the following quote from Jane regarding  The Walking Dead: "That show is going to be a a big f----- hit...I've seen it and is fan-f---- tactic." Do you need a better endorsement?

If you haven't seen The Walking Dead trailer yet, do so now. The show is poised to be another smash (possibly award-winning) hit for AMC, as Mad Men and Breaking Bad have been before it. The folks over there at AMC must have their smart-caps permanently glued to their heads, because the keep on picking winners. I should probably take some of their creative team out to the horse track with me...

The Walking Dead will premiere worldwide on AMC (when else?) on Halloween night.

Sources: TV Squad & Popcorn Biz

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