No 'Walking Dead' Season 2 Until Fall 2011

If you’re loving AMC’s 'The Walking Dead' and are excited to see what happens in the second season, expect a lengthy wait, as season two won’t be airing anytime soon.

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The public has spoken and AMC’s The Walking Dead has become a hit for the cable network powerhouse. Each week, millions tune in to watch Sheriff Rick Grimes lead a rag-tag group of survivors into battle with the undead. As this week saw the airing of episode three, it’s hard to believe that the first season is now half over.

With only three episodes left, fans are not only excited about what’s to come as the season reaches an end, they're also wondering what to expect when the already announced Walking Dead season 2 airs. Unfortunately, as sources within AMC are reporting, The Walking Dead Season 2 won’t be airing anytime soon.

Continuing the same promotional platform that saw the The Walking Dead soar in the ratings with its series premiere, AMC intends on delaying the second season premiere of their zombirific series until next year’s Fearfest, AMC’s annual horror movie marathon. To put it simply: you’re going to have to wait until October 2011 for the second season premiere of The Walking Dead.

Typically, with cable networks, they will wait until the summer to air their original series. With most network series on hiatus, and viewers looking for new programming to watch, cable television has been able to thrive with this counter-programming formula. Fortunately, The Walking Dead has become an exception to that rule and has been able to garner respectable ratings, despite having network competition.

With AMC having to premiere four shows in total next year, moving one series to the fall will help open up scheduling space for the other series. Considering AMC likes to separate their series premieres and provide individual promotions for each show, this year-long delay in The Walking Dead plays to the network’s strengths, even if it will annoy the fans.

Officially, AMC has not released any information regarding the second season premiere of The Walking Dead and won’t for a while. That being said, the plan to air season 2 in October 2011 is being circulated internally within the network.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays @10pm, on AMC

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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