'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Sneak Peek & Photo Gallery

With The Walking Dead season 2 set to premiere this Sunday, it’s time to take a look at what undead adventures await the traveling team of survivors, as they attempt to find refuge from the, uh... walking dead.

After barely escaping the massive explosion at the Atlanta CDC in The Walking Dead season 1 finale, Rick Grimes and company are venturing out on a seemingly endless abandoned highway in hopes of finding some semblance of human life in what remains of the world.

A vast and beautiful landscape, filled with ravaged vehicles and half-eaten bodies, presents itself as the setting for the premiere and certainly shows the scale of Frank Darabont’s vision for the second season of The Walking Dead - this vision which, for all intents and purposes, remains intact.

While Darabont may have left the series mid-way through production, the majority of the first half of the The Walking Dead second season will either have been completed by Darabont himself, or is following his direction in its execution.

Combining wonderfully intense zombie action, rich character evolution, and a more in-depth look at the proverbial rules of the world in which they live, it soon becomes apparent that that season 2 of The Walking Dead easily surpasses all of the episodes from the first season.

You can take a look at a pivotal scene between Andrea and Dale, regarding him saving her from the explosion, below:


Without giving much away, the scene between Andrea and Dale - which certainly foreshadows events to come - is only one of the many compelling moments one can expect from the 90-minute The Walking Dead season 2 premiere.

Of course, for those not satisfied with general impressions or a brief clip from the episode, we also have over 50 images from the first two episodes to help whet your appetite. While what was stated above may be more-or-less spoiler free, the photos below certainly are not – especially for those who look closely.

Whether or not you decide to look below, there’s one thing everyone can agree with: Sunday cannot come soon enough!


The Walking Dead season 2 premieres Sunday @10pm on AMC

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