'The Walking Dead' Season 2 - Hershel's Farm Casting Info

The Walking Dead

The second season of AMC's The Walking Dead is still months away, but there is some new casting information available for hungry fans. The residents of Hershel's farm are confirmed for a sophomore appearance.

At the close of season one last year, Rick's caravan of survivors leaves Atlanta looking for a safe home and survival supplies. Eventually they come across a farm run by a man name Hershel and his family. Hershel Greene is also a former veterinarian, whose medical and horticultural experience comes in handy for the main group. He's older, maybe 55, and The Walking Dead comic book character is white and fit.

Hershel's daughter is Maggie, a typical southern farm girl. She's fond of horses and a skilled rider - which could come in handy when the gas runs out. The character will need an actress in her late teens or early twenties, or at least one who can play that range.  Maggie's comic book equivalent has some romantic entanglements with a current member of the caravan.

The last character on the casting call it Otis, a farmhand employed by Hershel. Otis is a gentle sort, middle-aged, but the casting info reveals that he panics and accidentally shoots a survivor.

The Walking Dead Season 2

The Walking Dead has a nasty habit of losing characters fast, so these three certainly won't be the only new survivors revealed in season 2 - they'll need a few more bodies just to fill the ranks. We do know that the new season will have "crazy" amounts of zombie killing, making for considerably more action than last year. That's a very good thing, especially since there are thirteen new episodes, a relative smorgasbord considering the six episodes of season one.

Last year The Walking Dead filmed its pilot and the rest of the first season in May and June on location in Atlanta. That puts them a little behind if they're still casting, but shooting should begin soon. Expect more details to break as production begins. Considering the huge amount of post-production needed on a series like this, a repeat of the Halloween 2010 premiere is not out of the question.


The Walking Dead will return to AMC this fall.

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