'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Casts Hershel & Family

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The first crop of new zombie fodder cast members for Season 2 of The Walking Dead includes Supernatural's Lauren Cohan and veteran actor Scott Wilson. They'll be playing farmer Hershel Greene and his daughter Maggie, two pivotal characters from the comic series.

The pair is joined by Pruitt Taylor Vince, who will play the farm's foreman, Otis. The trio are the only new actors known so far, but with filming going on as we're writing this, expect more and more announcements and leaks over the next few weeks.

Lauren Cohan is best known to Screen Rant readers as Bela Talbot, the crafty thief specializing in occult objects from Supernatural's third season.  She plays Rose the English vampire in a recurring Vampire Diaries role, and had an arc as the sexy/dangerous spy Vivian Volkoff on this past season of Chuck.

Wilson has circled Hollywood for decades without finding a big break, but CSI watchers will recognize him as Catherine Willows' estranged father. He's played small roles in everything from Judge Dredd to The Last Samurai, and recently took a bit part on Justified.

Scott Wilson will become Hershel

Hershel's farm and the characters therein are a big part of The Walking Dead's comic book run. While the first season took a few liberties, it's safe to assume that a large part of the action for Season 2 will occur in the same farm and prison locales featured in the comics.  If so, Maggie Greene will eventually become a major love interest for (current) survivor Glenn, played by Steven Yeun.

Executive producer Frank Darabont revealed in an interview last week that the fan-favorite character Michonne is scheduled to make an appearance, but not until Season 3 (a  not-so-subtle hint to AMC that renewal would be in everyone's best interests).  He's also trying to get famed horror writer Stephen King and his son Joe Hill (writer for the celebrated Locke & Key comics) to pen episodes.


The Walking Dead season 2 premieres October 30, on AMC

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