'The Walking Dead' Creator Robert Kirkman Talks End of Season 1 [Updated]

Robert Kirkman talks The Walking Dead Season 2

WARNING: This Post Contains Walking Dead season 1 SPOILERS!

[UPDATE: We've added three minutes of footage from The Walking Dead Season Finale!]

Robert Kirkman has had a very good year. The creator of The Walking Dead comic book series has seen his creation gain mainstream exposure, be converted into a highly successful TV series on AMC, and most certainly watched it sell more trade paperback and graphic novel collections than he probably dared to dream.

Kirkman recently spoke to EW about The Walking Dead phenomenon, and what fans can expect from the end of the TV series' first season.

If you've been keeping up with The Walking Dead TV show then you already know that this coming Sunday, December 5th, will (sadly) mark the finale of the show's six-episode inaugural season. From previous reports we know that The Walking Dead season two has been greenlit...but won't premiere on the airwaves until Fall of 2011.

However, Kirkman is speaking up, assuring fans that before we have to endure a grueling wait to see the further adventures of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his small band of zombie apocalypse survivors, there's still some meaty stuff (no pun) left to cover in season 1:

Robert Kirkman: Well, if you’ve been watching the show, you’ll know there’s a lot going on between Rick and Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies). I think if you’re interested to see how that love triangle is going to progress, you might want to make sure you tune in for the last episode of this season. So that’s good. And then I think someone takes a shower.

And yes, fellas, that "someone" in the shower will be a lady. ;-)

Kirkman also discussed the drama that unfolded in last night's penultimate season one episode, "Wildfire", including the final act when Rick and the other survivors found some unlikely salvation at the CDC facility in Atlanta:

RK: It occurred to me that, if this were to happen to real people, then real people wouldn’t be concerned with why it’s happening and how to fix it. They would just be concerned with finding food and surviving from day to day. But Frank Darabont said, “We’re in Atlanta and the CDC is based in Atlanta. Why wouldn’t they at least pop by?” And I said, “Huh?” Because I don’t know where the hell the CDC is stationed. I don’t watch the news a lot. I mean, sometimes. But they’re not talking about the CDC mostly. It’s always about, you know, who Britney Spears wrecked her car into. But when Frank brought it up, I said it was a really good idea. I like that we are diverging from the comic book here and there. For anyone that that terrifies, all I would say is, “We’re always going back onto the path.” Frank has always maintained that the comic book is a path but we’re not stuck on it. If a story idea comes up, we’ll leave the path for an episode or two, but we’ll always come back to it. I’m sure there are going to be some people out there that are like, “The CDC? What the heck? This isn’t in my comic book. This is no good!” And all I would say to those people is, “Calm down.”

You can read more of the interview with Kirkman - in which he discusses the tragic fate of Amy (Emma Bell), the possible return of Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) and where The Walking Dead TV show diverges from the comic book - by going HERE.

Update: If your not scared of spoiling the show too early, check out three minutes of footage from the Walking Dead season finale:


The Walking Dead Season One Entertainment Weekly cover

Above you can see the upcoming EW cover which proclaims that The Walking Dead is "The Best New Show on TV." I don't want to brag (ok, maybe I do) but I stated in many of my posts at the start of the Fall 2010 TV season that this show and HBO's Boardwalk Empire were going to be the best freshman series to debut this year. And, as both shows finish out their first seasons in the next week, I wholeheartedly stand by that claim. Just call me the Mrs. Cleo of your DVR. ;-)

Catch The Walking Dead season one finale this Sunday @ 10 pm on AMC.

Source: EW

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