John Cleese Recaps All Six Seasons of The Walking Dead

John Cleese Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

With The Walking Dead set to air its long-awaited season 7 premiere, the world of pop culture is preparing to finally find out just who Negan killed with his trademark weapon Lucille at the end of season 6. There are nearly a dozen available options at Negan's feet for him to choose from, but only one will be selected to meet the fate of having their head smashed in right in front of Rick. Or at least that's what Negan says is going to happen. Psychotic murderers aren't always the most reliable people.

No matter who -- or how many -- members of Rick's group die at Negan's hands in the season 7 premiere, it was revealed yesterday that Walking Dead producer Greg Nicotero holds Rick partly responsible for the victim's demise. After all, if he hadn't been so quick to accept the mission of taking out the Saviors in exchange for supplies from the Hilltop colony, it could easily be argued that Rick's group wouldn't have ended up kneeling in front of Negan by the end of season 6.

Wherever one comes down on the "should Rick be blamed?" question, it's inarguable just how tough a road he and his fellow survivors have had to travel in order to survive the previous 6 seasons. They've faced down cannibals, megalomaniacs, traitors, violent racists, and that's not even mentioning the omnipresent threat of flesh-eating Walkers overtaking their camp and turning them all into a living buffet. In short, it's a miracle any of them are still alive to even meet the business end of Lucille. To remind fans of all that has come before, British comedy legend John Cleese has narrated a handy recap of TWD seasons 1-6 for UK media outlet NOW TV. Check it out above.

John Cleese Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

From Rick waking up in the hospital, only to discover that not only was there a zombie apocalypse but that his best friend was now sleeping with his wife, to the group's ill-fated journey to the CDC, their time on Hershel's farm, the Claimers, Terminus, Alexandria, and now Negan, legendary Monty Python member Cleese runs through it all in his inimitable comedic fashion. When one considers just how relentlessly dour The Walking Dead can be sometimes, it could be argued that applying some comic relief to the series is overdue.

For those wondering why it says that TWD season 7 premieres on Monday, October 24, it's because that's the premiere date in the UK, where the show actually airs on FOX, of all networks. One has to feel for those viewers overseas who will have to desperately try to avoid being spoiled as to the identity of Negan's victim in the time between TWD's stateside premiere and its European arrival. A one-day Rick-style coma might actually be a bit advantageous in this particular case.

The Walking Dead season 7 premieres (in the U.S.) on Sunday, October 23 at 9pm on AMC.

Source: NOW TV

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