The Walking Dead Mobile Game Integrating Season 7 Content After Each Episode

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land is adding new weekly content based on each week's episode

Now that season 7 of The Walking Dead has started, fans can look forward to a fresh influx of Walking Dead characters, factions, and memes to go along with it. After the brutal season opener, there should be plenty to keep viewers talking after each week's episode.

There will be even more to digest for fans who also play the TWD: No Man's Land mobile game from Next Games, however. The day after each week's episode airs, new content based on season 7 will be added to the game for players to enjoy.

In a first-of-its-kind content deal, No Man's Land will add new playable characters, weapons and exclusive weekly content every Monday; the new characters will become available in game once they make an appearance on the show. By playing the new content, fans will also be able to unlock Negan as a playable character as well. Bonus themes, special cuts, and behind-the-scenes video from the episodes will also be unlockable within the game each week.

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land is adding new weekly content based on each week's episode

Commenting on the season 7 content integration, Next Games CEO Teemu Huuhtanen explained:

“A game and a TV show have never been integrated in quite this way before, and we owe it to all the incredible support The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land received during its first year. We’re excited to work with AMC to expand the connections between the worlds of the TV series and game, giving fans an experience that continues to stay true to the show they love."

While it's not unusual for games based on licensed properties to add new content based on the source material as time goes on, there is usually at least some delay between when the source material introduces something and when it's integrated into the game. Next Games' adding of new content based on each week's episode helps ensure that No Man's Land has content that's fresh and gives fans a way to relive major moments soon after they occur. If the content proves popular, it will be interesting to see if other companies adopt similar tactics for their licensed games as well.

Some fans may worry that the season 7 content is little more than a gimmick and won't add much to the game. While it's unlikely that the new content will be a play-by-play of the new episodes, major events and factions will likely appear in the game in some form. Fan-favorite characters will almost certainly be featured and playable, and major character deaths will likely appear in the story as well. Beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see how well season 7 translates to No Man's Land.

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The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘The Well’ @9pm on AMC.

Source: Next Games/AMC

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