The Walking Dead: New Best Friends Spoilers Discussion – Is the New Group Friend or Foe?


The Walking Dead returned from its winter hiatus last week with the promise of a brand new group joining the show. There's been plenty of speculation as to who they are and whether or not the Junkyard Community will be the salvation Rick and Co. needs to take the fight to Negan. Teasers have indicated this community is unlike anything the survivors have encountered – which is saying something after the Terminus crew tried did their version of the Soylent Green thing.

Some new blood might be just what the bloodthirsty show needs as it continues to make its seventh season rise above the noticeable decline in ratings. Whether or not this violence-prone community will be the cure to what ails the show has yet to be determined but it definitely can't hurt to switch the focus from Negan's incessant schoolyard bully antics. Besides, what's an apocalyptic storyline without a group of people determined to turn the less-than-pleasant scenario into some entertainment?

If you want to discuss the details of 'New Best Friends' without spoiling it for others this is place to do so. Those participating in the comments section understand that everyone has seen the episode.

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The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with 'Hostiles and Calamities' @9pm on AMC.

Photos: Gene Page/AMC

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