The Walking Dead's Negan Gets Teaser Photo

All season long on The Walking Dead there's been one name on everyone's lips: Negan. Ever since his introduction in the comics, fans have been clamoring for the villain to debut on AMC's hit drama, and in the upcoming season 6 finale, their wish will be granted.

Of course, sometimes getting what you wish for isn't all it's cracked up to be, and though Jeffrey Dean Morgan's arrival as Negan is a hotly anticipated moment, it will almost certainly be the final moment for one of the survivors. Whether Negan will dispatch a major character as he does in the comics remains to be seen, but make no mistake- - someone won't be making it out of The Walking Dead's season 6 finale alive.

With so much commotion over just who Negan might murder with his trusty, barbed-wire-baseball bat, it comes as no surprise how prevalent "Lucille" -- Negan's affectionate pet name for his signature weapon -- has been in the finale's marketing. She already appeared alongside Negan in a very brief glimpse during a promo for the season 6 finale, and she is again featured in a new teaser poster. Take a look, below:

Yikes. Lucille sure looks like she has a mean bite, doesn't she? A few episodes back, Glenn got a good look at the sort of mess Lucille leaves in her wake, and well, let's just say I do not envy whomsoever gets to be up close and personal with her.

Yet, for as frightening as Lucille looks, she's got nothing on the man swinging her. Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman recently described Negan as "psychotic," "ruthless," and "sadistic," but just in case that leaves you expecting the Governor 2.0, Kirkman also considers Negan to be a "kind," "respectful," and "very nuanced character." Negan is a villain unlike any other in that he's alarmingly sensible, and that's going to prove a real challenge for Rick and his fellow survivors. After all, a crazy man is a dangerous man, as The Walking Dead has proven again and again. But a sane man can be anything and that's even more dangerous, as Negan is about to make abundantly clear.

The Walking Dead will conclude season 6 on Sunday, April 3 with ‘Last Day on Earth’ @9pm on AMC.

Source: AMC

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The Walking Dead's Negan Gets Teaser Photo