'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Midseason Premiere Preview [Updated]

The Walking Dead Season 2 Midseason Premiere Preview Clips

[Check out the latest trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2.5!]

The Walking Dead season 2 is still a heavily-debated event, with some fans praising the show for its slow burn drama and character development, while other fans boo it as a simply a boring show that is suffering from the dreaded sophomore slump.

Despite the difference in overall opinion, it's hard to deny that season 2 midseason finale, left us in a good (in this case meaning awful and tragic) place, and in doing so, helped the show redeem itself by both delivering cathartic payoff to the overarching mystery, and setting the stage for some major fallout.




Today we have a clip from the upcoming midseason premiere of The Walking Dead - a clip that covers the first 3 minutes of episode 208, "Nebraska" which picks up just moments after the midseason finale, with the camera literally fading back in on the image of Rick Grimes pulling the trigger to blow the brains out of little zombie Sophia.

Check the aftermath of trauma, anger, grief and all the other chaos following the Hershel's barn massacre - as well as the newest trailer - below:

The difference between The Walking Dead and your average horror film (for better or worse) is that the impact of the terrible events that occur is real and present in the minds of the characters. Rather than speedily running from one horrifying moment onto the next with little or no discernible trauma (as the characters in horror movie often seem able to do), death's touch weighs heavy on the survivors, and in that clip you can already see the cracks between them starting to widen - wether in pronounced ways (like Shane's immediate accusations against Hershel) or subtle ways (Carol pushing Daryl off her when he tries to comfort her). While slow-burn psychodrama might not be what everyone wants in a zombie horror show, there are certainly many of us who appreciate the juicier fare.

Good news for those currently unhappy with The Walking Dead: If the season 2.5 trailer is any indication, we'll be in for more zombies and more action as well.

The Walking Dead returns @9pm February 12, 2012 on AMC

Source: AMC

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