The Walking Dead: 10 Dead Characters We Miss

Ever since its very first season, The Walking Dead has been killing off major characters. Along with Game of Thrones, it helped to establish characters coming and going, dying in horrific ways and being quickly replaced after spending a couple of seasons becoming everyone’s favorite character, as the new norm for TV drama.

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Over the past nine seasons, The Walking Dead has introduced and subsequently killed off dozens of characters. There might even be more dead characters than alive characters. Naturally, there are some we wish were still alive. So, without further ado, here are 10 Dead TWD Characters We Miss.

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Tyreese Williams in The Walking Dead
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10 Tyreese

Tyreese Williams in The Walking Dead

Tyreese was an awesome character. Played brilliantly by The Wire’s Chad L. Coleman, he was one of the strongest characters on the show, tearing through a cabin full of walkers with his bare hands and then kicking down the front door to save Judith from a cannibal on the outskirts of Terminus.

He had such an unceremonious death, too. The group was checking out a gated community that they might be able to live in, or at least find some supplies to pilfer, and he suffered a little nip from a walker he didn’t notice until it was too late.

9 Olivia

Ann Mahoney as Olivia in The Walking Dead

Olivia was killed by Negan for standing up to the Saviors. Everyone else just got down on their knees and bowed before him and did his bidding, because they were terrified of him, but not Olivia. She stood up to Negan, and because of that, she became popular with the fans.

The popularity of the character was unexpected, but given what a strong soul she is, it’s hardly surprising. Ann Mahoney, who played Olivia, said, “There’s a part of me that worried that people would not care that I was gone so I’m really pleasantly surprised that everyone was so upset.”

8 Shiva

Walking Dead Ezekiel And Shiva

As a tiger, Shiva didn’t have any lines, but she was a really important character. She had a great backstory, pledging allegiance to King Ezekiel after he saved her from a zoo at the time of the zombie outbreak.

Watching her struggle against a crowd of walkers as she was simply outnumbered and overpowered by them, eventually giving up and allowing herself to be eaten, was just heartbreaking. She was one of the Kingdom’s greatest assets, as she pounced on Saviors and tore them to pieces with her razor-sharp teeth. It’s a real shame that she’s no longer with us.

7 Sasha


It was clear that Sasha was on her way out as soon as Sonequa Martin-Green signed on to star in Star Trek: Discovery. She went out in a really cool way, poisoning herself while she was transported to Alexandria so that when Negan opened the coffin she was in, she would lunge out at him, zombified, and maybe bite him – or at least give her friends the chance to pounce.

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But as exemplified by her selfless suicidal act, Sasha is one of the smartest, strongest, quickest-thinking, most level-headed characters in TWD history and she deserved to live much longer than that.

6 Noah

Noah Gets Destroyed on The Walking Dead

While his epic revolving door death scene allowed for the hilarious “Everybody Ate Chris” meme and also made for a haunting moment in the show’s history, Tyler James Williams’ character Noah deserved to stick around for longer.

He forged a strong friendship with Beth at the hospital – telling her, “They think I’m scrawny. They think I’m weak. But they don’t know s**t about me, about what I am, about what you are,” setting himself up for an awesome future on the show – and he became a valued member of the group before he was killed by a horde of walkers.

5 Jesus


Poor Tom Payne. The Jesus character had so much more potential. As Payne pointed out himself, he was happy when Jesus was killed off, because he wasn’t being properly utilized anyway: “I was kind of frustrated with what I had gotten to do on the show and I was kind of a bit bored with it. If I wasn’t being given anything, I was kind of ready to go.”

Still, he got to go out with style. His chilling graveyard death scene in the season 9 midseason finale is what signaled the arrival of the Whisperers in the TV series.

4 Denise

Merritt Wever as Dr. Denise on The Walking Dead

We want Tara to be happy, because she’s one of the most lovable characters on the show, and with Denise, she finally found the happiness she was looking for. And then, as quickly as she got it, she lost it. The arrow bursting through Denise’s face after Dwight shot Daryl’s crossbow at the back of her head was meant for Abraham.

That’s who meets his end that way at that point in the comics. However, in the show, that death scene was given to Denise and a character who was just becoming interesting was cut down in her prime. It was certainly a harrowing moment, but at what cost?

3 Beth

Beth The Walking Dead

If only we could take back seeing the look of devastation on Maggie’s face when she saw Daryl emerge from the hospital with Beth’s corpse slumped in his arms, we want Beth back. Emily Kinney was always great in the role. Also, Beth’s demise wasn’t really fitting for a character as smart and fierce and lovable as her.

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She wanted to stand up for herself, but she chose the worst time and the worst way to do it. The police officer who’d been bullying her did deserve her comeuppance, but Beth stabbing the trigger-happy cop in the shoulder with a pair of scissors right at the moment they were releasing her was dumb.

2 Hershel

The sad thing about this is that even if Hershel had survived, he wouldn’t be on the show anymore, because Scott Wilson, the actor who played him, unfortunately passed away last year. He had a great career, going all the way back to the violent 1967 film adaptation of Truman Capote’s true crime novel In Cold Blood.

He was always one of the warmest and most beloved characters on The Walking Dead – whether he was getting adjusted to being an amputee or suggesting “Spaghetti Tuesdays,” he was the kind, old Santa lookalike who always kept the group of survivors together. He went out in the most brutal way possible at the hands of the Governor.

1 Glenn


It’s safe to say that if Negan hadn’t knocked Glenn’s eye out of its socket in the season 7 premiere just to prove a point to Daryl, a lot of people who tuned out of TWD years ago would still be watching it. His death is what lost the show a lot of its dedicated fans, because it was unnecessarily violent and drawn-out – and we’d just groaned through that gimmicky dumpster fake-out death, so it wasn’t exactly his time.

And Glenn was always one of the most popular characters on the show, with a romantic storyline and a soon-to-be parent storyline.

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