"The Secret Weapon" - Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs)

If there is a job to be done, Mike Rowe has done it. How well he does that job is another story. After 140 episodes of Dirty Jobs, Rowe has traveled across the country doing some of the worst jobs known to man.

Whether it be a worm dung farmer, a diaper cleaner or an animal barber, Rowe is most certainly the closest thing you'll get to a human Swiss Army knife. What more could anyone ask for when the zombies come a running, er, walking slowly, with their arm stretched out.

While it’s great to have experts in a specific field, there’s something reassuring about having someone who is a jack of all trades. Rowe could not only pick up the slack of any of our previous experts, he could also provide some great narration to the current events… like he has done for many years on Ghost Hunters, American Chopper, Deadliest Catch and countless other Craig Piligian-produced series.

For these reasons and his overall manliness, Mike Rowe is “The Secret Weapon.”


Dirty Jobs airs Tuesdays @9pm, on Discovery.


With our all-star team now assembled, would-be zombie invaders had better take notice: This team will be out for vindication and could single-handedly save the human race (well, what's left of it). No matter how much dirty zombie blood has to be spilled.

As with any list, this is completely subjective. While we tried to put together who we best thought should be included, there’s no doubt that everyone’s list will be different – albeit only slightly, of course.

This list may not be perfect, but if (when?) the zombie apocalypse does occur, I’ll hide safely behind this team… good luck with yours.


The first season finale of The Walking Dead airs Sunday, December 5th 2010 @10pm, on AMC.

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Who better to kick off the all-star zombie survival team and fill the much need spot of a leader than the man that risked his own life to show the television viewing audiences how to survive in situations that hopefully nobody will ever see themselves in.

For three seasons and twenty-three episodes of Survivorman, Les Stroud has done as his series title suggests and survived in the Earth’s most barren landscapes, friged snow-covered wildernesses and dangerous animal- ladened territories.

Most importantly, he did it alone.

As other television survival experts have brought controversy with staged situations, hidden flotation devices and comfortable nights sleeping in a hotel, Stroud was stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a hefty bag of camera gear and his wits.

Sure, he also carried a satellite phone which could connect him with production crew that were 10’s of miles away. Unfortunately, when you’re in the middle of nowhere, cell phone service – even of the satellite variety – isn’t as reliable as you may think.

While Stroud has never actually combated the undead, much of his survival knowledge will come in handy after the zombie apocalypse turns your loved ones into the flesh-eating undead. Most importantly, and impressively, Stroud succeeded with the task of not only surviving, but doing so while also filming his endeavor – with multiple camera angles.

That type of production would be grueling on anyone, but while also having to survive on turtle feet and dirty water… it should be impossible.

Impossible, unless you were a clear-headed, fully planned out Canadian like Les Stroud. For these reasons and all his accomplishments, Les Stroud is “The Leader.”

Of course, even the best planning in the world wouldn’t be of any use without prior knowledge of what exactly you’re up against… We’ll need an expert. More importantly, “The Expert.”

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