Mike Wolf & Frank Fritz - "The Scavangers"

"The Scavengers" - Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz (American Pickers)

If you’re unfamiliar with the terms “honey hole" or a "mega-pick," you might not know our two would-be scavengers. For two seasons on American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have proven that they’re able to find a proverbial needle in a haystack of junk.

Traveling across the country with an iconic van in tow, Wolfe and Fritz have not only seen almost every item that the America’s could contain, they also have an extensive knowledge about each item.

In a world overrun with zombies, being able to know what items you’ll be able to find in certain parts of the country by simply looking at the house is priceless. Not matter how well you’re able to handle a firearm or lead a group, survival will be almost impossible without being able to track down the world’s last remaining resources.

On top of that, Wolfe and Fritz are also some of the best negotiators around. So, if there happens to be another group of survivors that are in the mood to trade, you’ll hear these experts yell “I’ll pop on that” and in the end, the final price will always be in their favor… no matter what.

There is no better pair to rely on for your resource gathering during a zombie apocalypse. Which is why, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are "The Scavengers."


American Pickers airs Mondays @9pm, on The History Channel.


Even though we have now assembled completely rounded-out team of all-star survivors, there’s still someone missing. Someone that could do anything and everything. Someone with a wonderful baritone voice. Someone that we affectionately call “The Secret Weapon.”

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