John Cohn - "The Inventor"

John Cohn (The Colony: Season 1) - "The Inventor"

While John Cohn may easily be the lowest profile all-star in the group, he is certainly the most resourceful. For almost three months, Cohn lived a simulated, yet completely realistic life of survival on the first season of Discovery’s The Colony.

During that time, the Carnegie Mellon University and M.I.T. alum single-handedly built a gasifier, a flamethrower, a taser, a spark-gap transmitter, a tesla coil, an ozonator and a mechanism that would allow their found solar panels to track and move with the sun. On top of it all, he built all of these amazing creations out of junk that was just laying around.

Currently, the self-described mad scientist is the Chief Scientist for Design Automation at IBM and 1 of the only 67 IBM fellows (the top most rank scientists) in IBM’s technical community of over 200,000.

If Cohn’s proven genius on The Colony isn’t enough, check out what this famed inventor had to say when I asked him how he’d do in a zombie apocalypse:

“I feel I'd survive pretty well in the zombie apocalypse. Being the neurotic, liberal nice guy I am, I think I'd first try to reason with the un-dead [and] if that didn't work, I'd shoot them through with a air powered flaming javelin that was long enough to pin them in place. You don't want flaming zombies running around and catching your house on fire.”

For a man who has accomplished everything he has put his mind to, the simple fact of Cohn telling me that he’d survive a zombie apocalypse makes me believe that he most certainly would. For these reasons, his amazing accomplishments and genius mind, John Cohn is “The Inventor.”


No word yet if The Colony has been picked up for a third season on Discovery.


Unfortunately, with zombies running the world and resources in short supply, what good would a genius inventor be without any items to use for his creations. Thankfully, we have “The Scavengers.”

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