Josh Gates - "The Expert"

"The Expert" - Josh Gates (Destination Truth)

What do the Orang Pendek, Aswang and Kikiyaon have in common? Besides being some of the worst baby names in the history of the world, they also represent three horrific mythological beasts that Josh Gates has attempted to track down in four seasons of Destination Truth.

With a degree in archeology, a taste for adventure and just a little bit of sheer madness, Gates has spent the past four years trying to track down over 80 beasts that make up some of the world’s most prolific legends.

While one my easily dismiss Gates as someone who has continuously attempted to track down monsters that more than likely don’t exist, one has to admit that it takes some real machismo to chase after any creature where they’re presumed to live, in the middle of the dark.

Sure, 99% of these creatures most likely are just urban legends and don’t actually exist in the wild, but it’s that 1%... that slight chance that Gates might come face to face with the Chullachaqui of Peru or New Zealand’s Giant Moa that makes him ready to battle any zombie.

In fact, Gates has already prepared himself for taking on the undead by traveling to Guam in the fourth season finale of Destination Truth to track down, you guessed it…. ZOMBIES!

Even though numerous feature films and The Walking Dead have made everyone pseudo zombie experts, there’s nothing that’s going to compare to real-life experience… or, at the very least, preparation for a possible real-life experience.

For all his knowledge and real-world experience with mythical beasts, Josh Gates is “The Expert.”

New episodes of Destination Truth will air in 2011, on SyFy.


Of course, even with the knowledge of Josh Gates and leadership/survival skills of Les Stroud, they’re going to need some firepower… They need “The Weaponizer.”

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