6 TV Personalities Who Would Survive 'The Walking Dead'

Television's All-Star Zombie Survival Team

This past October, AMC’s The Walking Dead infested the world. After premiering to over 5 million viewers, the television landscape has now experienced the same fanatic fervor that has resonated throughout the film world for over 50 years.

While many will say that they watch The Walking Dead for the wonderful storylines, amazing visual stylings and suspenseful cliffhangers, the real reason – whether you’ll admit to it or not – is that you want to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse, in case it actually happens.

Each episode, while entertaining as ever, provides viewers with even more insight into the zombie mythos and helps build your preparedness for the eventful day where the undead will walk among us.

Keeping with the theme of television’s zombie avengers, we searched through the vast television landscape and put together an all-star list of people who you’d want to have on your side in case of a zombie apocalypse.



With any list, we have to use a set of rules in order to select these zombie survivalists. Here are ours:

  • It must be a real-life TV personality. Fictional characters aren’t allowed (Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural or Clark Kent from Smallville just wouldn’t be fair).
  • They must be the best possible choice for their specific role/ area of expertise (excluding “The Secret Weapon”).
  • They must be able to actually survive a zombie attack.

The Roles:

In any good zombie film, the characters are affectionately thrown into a set of familiar roles. These are the roles that we have chosen for our team:

  • “The Leader”
  • “The Expert”
  • “The Weaponizer”
  • “The Inventor”
  • “The Scavengers”
  • “The Secret Weapon”

With that, we give you television’s all-star zombie survival team.



The All-Star TV Personality Zombie Survival Team


Les Stroud - "The Leader"

"The Leader" - Les Stroud (Survivorman)

Who better to kick off the all-star zombie survival team of TV personalities (and fill the much need spot of a leader) than a man that risked his own life to show the television viewing audience how to survive in situations that (hopefully) nobody will ever find themselves in.

For three seasons and twenty-three episodes of Survivorman, Les Stroud has done as his series' title suggests and survived in the Earth’s most barren landscapes, frigid snow-covered wildernesses and dangerous animal- laden territories.

More importantly, he did it alone.

As other television survival experts have brought controversy with staged situations, hidden flotation devices and comfortable nights sleeping in a hotel, Stroud has been stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a hefty bag of camera gear and left to survive on wits alone.

Sure, Stroud also carried a satellite phone, which could connect him with production crews that were dozens of miles away. Unfortunately, when you’re in the middle of nowhere, cell phone service – even of the satellite variety – isn’t as reliable as you may think.

While Stroud has never actually combated zombies, much of his survival knowledge will come in handy after the apocalypse turns your loved ones into the flesh-eating undead. Most importantly, and impressively, Stroud succeeded with the task of not only surviving, but doing so while also filming his endeavor – with multiple camera angles.

That type of production would be grueling on anyone in average circumstances, but while also having to survive on turtle feet and dirty water… it should have been impossible - that is, unless you were a clear-headed, advanced-planning Canadian like Les Stroud. For these reasons and all his accomplishments, Stroud is “The Leader” of our zombie survival team.


Check your local listing for reruns of Survivor and Beyond Survival with Les Stroud.


Of course, even the best planning in the world wouldn’t be of any use without prior knowledge of what exactly you’re up against… They need “The Expert.”

Continue to find out who "The Expert" is...

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