The Walking Dead Brings Out the Big Guns in Midseason Finale Trailer

The Walking Dead is gearing up for its midseason finale with a brand new promo for next week's packed episode.  It's hard to believe that we're already halfway done in the current outing of AMC's juggernaut series. And although the show continues to suffer a dip in its ratings, loyal fans still tune in week after week to find out where this declared war against Negan will bring Rick and his cohorts.

After some lingering cracks within the Alexandrians, with Daryl going rogue and bringing his own team of Tara, Morgan, as well as Michonne, in an effort to quickly finish the war and undermining Rick's plans, the Saviors are finally out of the hell hole that they have been trapped in. This means that despite successfully recruiting the still untrustworthy Jadis and her pack of Scavengers and slowly inching his way to victory, the former town sheriff has his elaborate plan crumbling down in front of him, no thanks to his supposed allies.


With both camps once again on almost equal footing, The Walking Dead midseason offering titled 'How It's Gotta Be' has just become more interesting and possibly deadlier for Rick's and Negan's teams. The newly released promo for next week definitely hints at that as we see our heroes preparing for battle with all their weapons out and ready to shoot. However, it does not look like engaging in a shoot-out is their choice as both Rick and Jadis find themselves ambushed with Alexandria being under attack. We're not entirely sure if this happens simultaneously, but we're pretty much sold that this is the Saviors' retaliation. Check out the teaser clip above.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick and Norman Reedus as Daryl in The Walking Dead

It might be a little frustrating to see Daryl's errant ways technically causing a lot of trouble for Rick, but granted what he has been through at the hands of Negan, it's difficult not to see where he is coming from. How this whole vigilante gig will ultimately pan out for him remains to be seen, but at least, we're getting a lot more action from The Walking Dead this year compared to the badly paced season 6.

This whole season of The Walking Dead has been set-up as an all-out war between Negan and Rick. But we have not really seen the two camps go at it with the Saviors mostly on the disadvantage after the Alexandrians, Hilltop, and Kingdom all banding together to take them down. If anything, the upcoming midseason finale will be the real start o the realization of that long-teased bloody showdown between the two parties.



The Walking Dead rolls out its extended mid-season finale this Sunday, December 10 at 9 pm ET on AMC.

Source: AMC

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