The Vampire Diaries: 10 Most Underrated Supporting Characters

The Vampire Diaries is one of the longest running and most beloved shows in the CW's history, and for very good reason. The thrilling twists and turns kept fans captivated every week for eight years, and their lovable and complex characters kept their audience sincerely invested in the story. Obviously the main characters were always the main draw for the show, but TVD excelled when it came to making every character they introduced interesting or unique.

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On a show where death can be around any corner, it's no real surprise that supporting characters seem to come and go at lightning speed. And suspense shows do need to keep things suspenseful, so it makes sense to never let any characters feel safe. However, there are always those characters who showed up for a moment that clearly seems too brief, and there are always those characters who don't get credit for how cool they really were. So which of TVD's supporting characters are tragically underrated?

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10 Annabelle

Annabelle introduced herself to Jeremy and the audience as an overly informed, overly eager, and slightly socially awkward home school student, but clearly you should never take people at face value in the TVD world. Anna was actually an ancient vampire, returned to Mystic Falls to free her mother from the very same tomb that Katherine Pierce was believed to be trapped in. Anna's relationship with the entire Mystic Falls gang was complex, and she was a complex girl all on her own too. Her relationship with Jeremy soon eclipsed his relationship with Vicki, and it was unfortunate that it led to her premature death.

9 Mason Lockwood

If season 1 of TVD was meant to be the year of the vampire, then season 2 was pretty clearly supposed to be the year of the werewolf. Werewolves rarely got their moments to shine in the fictional TVD world, but watching the Lockwood family secret unfold was one of the best parts of the entire series overall. Tyler's transformation from the one dimensional, bullying jock into a werewolf just trying to grapple with his new reality was a fascinating one, and it would have been awesome to see a character like Mason along for the ride.

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Plus, Mason's connection with Katherine put an extra fascinating twist on his woefully short story line.

8 Vicki Donovan

In retrospect it's clear that Vicki Donovan was introduced to prove to the audience that no character on the show was ever truly safe, and the sudden death of one of the female characters who seemed like she was a main character was definitely an effective way of doing that. With the developing love story between Vicki and Jeremy Gilbert as well as Vicki's sudden and unexpected transition into vampirism it seemed like her story was just gearing up, but once she became a danger to Elena she was suddenly and shockingly killed. TVD really wanted to distinguish itself from Twilight from the get go, and Vicki is in large part what made that happen.

7 Galen Vaughn

TVD has a kind of unfortunate habit of introducing new mythological ideas to their stories through one particular character, and even though that character seems endlessly fascinating they almost always wind up being killed off too soon so that one of the main characters could take over their story. And it was clear from the jump that the vampire hunter story line was meant for Jeremy, but it still would have been awesome to see characters like Galen Vaughn get a bit more of the story for themselves. The info that he added to the story was definitely cool though, and it would have been fun to watch a professional vampire hunting duo of Jeremy and Galen too.

6 Rose-Marie

If there's one thing that you can be sure of in The Vampire Diaries universe it's that if there is a character who knows Katherine Pierce, then they're probably crazy about her. There seemed to be an endless supply of saps who were fighting tooth and nail with each other to be the one to throw themselves on the sword for her first, which is one of the things that made the character of Rose-Marie so instantly interesting.

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Rose had a lot of interesting connections with everyone and she seemed to know everything about everything, and although it was necessary to understand what a huge threat werewolves posed to vampires we still wish we didn't have to lose Rose to do that.

5 Emily Bennett

The Bennett witch bloodline is pretty much the biggest and most badass witch family that had ever been and will ever be, but in a family tree that includes witches like Bonnie Bennett or Qetsiyah it can be easy to overlook someone like Emily Bennett. Emily was not your average witch to be sure, but a lot of her machinations were taking place behind the scenes as she slyly pretended to be nothing more than Katherine Pierce's servant. And Emily kept playing puppet master long after she died, she ultimately was responsible for a lot of what happened to the Mystic Falls gang even if she wasn't alive to see it.

4 Mikael

Sometimes there are ideas that just sound brilliant the moment you hear them, and the idea of an Original vampire turned vampire hunter is one of them. Mikael was really the driving force behind the creation of the vampire species, and his need to control his family and "protect" his children in the most warped way imaginable became a battle that spanned centuries and impacted (or sometimes ended) thousands of lives. Mikael's complicated relationships with all of his kids seemed like a narrative gold mine, and while seeing Klaus kill his father was a satisfying plot twist it was a shame to lose such an interesting character so soon.

3 Isobel Flemming

The Vampire Diaries sure loves it's shocking twists and turns, and the writers definitely dialed things up to the max when it came to Isobel Flemming. The audience first meets Isobel as Alaric's missing wife, only to reveal that she is in fact Elena Gilbert's biological mom, and that she actually abandoned Alaric because she wanted to be a vampire and convinced none other than Damon Salvatore to make that happen for her.

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Her sudden reappearance in the lives of the Mystic Falls gang goes about as well as you'd expect, but her shocking self-immolation right in front of Elena's eyes was a great end to one of the show's most intriguing side characters.

2 Finn Mikaelson

It's honestly pretty difficult to put a really interesting or unique spin on lore that is as old and well known as vampire lore. But TVD managed to accomplish the near impossible with their addition of the Originals, a family of vampires that are the actual root of the entire vampire race. Finn was the oldest child of the Original family, and his death introduced the intriguing and incredibly dangerous twist that if an Original vampire dies then their entire vampire bloodline dies with them. However, his sudden death also meant the abrupt end of a possible thousand years of stories, and it would have been awesome to see more of his character.

1 Kol Mikaelson

The Vampire Diaries is populated by dozens of vampire characters that seem to be pretty personally conflicted and generally emo about their vampirism, so it was a huge relief to see characters like Kol Mikaelson every once in a while. The happy go lucky Kol seemed to actually be enjoying his vampire life, and while he was as violent and cruel as the rest of them he didn't seem to overthink maiming and murdering people for whatever reason he deemed appropriate. Plus, he was an Original. His character was a breath of fresh air, and it was a shame to see so little of him.

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