The Vampire Diaries: 5 Characters Who Deserve Spin Offs (& 5 Who Don't)

The Vampire Diaries universe of characters has enough room to grow with any individual character. However, not all of them should have a spin-off.

The Vampire Diaries is a series that ran successfully for eight years. In season two, the series introduced Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson as two original vampires and the Big Bads of the season. Their appearances were so strong that rather than dying or disappearing like the characters were meant to, the writers changed directions and continued to add them into the story, later introducing their siblings, Rebekah, Kol, and Finn.

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Their presence and storylines needed room to grow by itself, and The Originals spawned into its own show. Legacies is a fun mix of the two previous series, including characters from both. Alaric, Josie, Lizzie, and Dorian from The Vampire Diaries and Hope and Landon from The Originals. With so many well-developed characters coming out of the first series, some would benefit from having a spin-off of their own, while others just wouldn't have the same pull.


While Elena may have began an interesting character, unknowingly drawn into the world of the supernatural after meeting Stefan and Damon, she would become more of a prize to be won by the series' villains later on.

Always needing to be protected, she was not often given a chance to prove she could take care of herself. Becoming a vampire hurt her character more, and while she was able to live a healthy life at the end of The Vampire Diaries, she was not actively on the show during its last two seasons, making her importance fall flat.


Lexi was Stefan's best friend, and one of the few who was capable of bringing him down from his ripper craze. Always a loyal friend to Stefan, Lexi encouraged Elena to give him a chance and helped Elena bring Stefan back to himself when she was a ghost. However, Lexi had been a vampire for years before meeting him.

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Lexi's life beforehand, showing her learning control over the urge for blood and how she became the loyal person she was, would show another perspective of how newly turned vampires adjust to life. While she was never a main character, she appeared multiple times throughout the series, even having a cameo in the finale, welcoming Stefan to the afterlife.


The main character in Mystic Falls to remain human during the entire series, Matt found himself doing as much as he could to help his friends. However, as vampires continued to infiltrate Mystic Falls, Matt felt continuously disgusted by the prospect, eventually turning against those who were his friends.

Determined to turn Mystic Falls into the town he grew up in, Matt forces Stefan and Damon out of town to allow it to be safe for mortals. While he made appearances on Legacies as the town Sheriff, he did not make much of an impression outside that, and it was confirmed that he had left the position during the second season.


Of all the villains on The Vampire Diaries, Kai Parker was a top fan favorite among viewers. As a siphoning witch from the Gemini Coven, Kai was expected to merge with his twin sister Josette. However, due to his sociopathic tendencies, this did not work out for him.

The merge itself has lived on in Legacies through Josie and Lizzie, as they are expected to participate unless anyone can find a way to prevent it. While The Originals went deep into witch mythology, mostly within New Orleans, and the Bennett witches' history is explained, the Gemini Coven has years of history that would have time to be explored with a spin-off.


Like Kai Parker, Valerie was a siphoning witch from the Gemini Coven, later turned into a Heretic. While her story may be interesting, she does not spend enough time developing as a character to merit a spin-off.

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Valerie also was written as Stefan's first love, whom he believed had left him behind. Given the amount of history that Stefan had with Katherine Pierce being his first love, the storyline between him and Valerie comes off awkward and confusing at times. While Valerie and Stefan did share a vital history, Valerie spent years in a prison world surrounded by dysfunctional people.


Bonnie told Elena at the end of the show that she had finally figured out the extent of her witch abilities after helping to save Mystic Falls and waking up her best friend. In the finale, Bonnie is suggested to be packing for a trip with the intent to travel.

Following Bonnie's journey where she can be front and center, rather than expected to put her life on the line for others consistently, would be a nice change of pace for her. Finding a group of witches to continue practicing magic would be an exciting story to follow as Bonnie increases her knowledge and understanding of witchcraft.


Elena desperately tried to keep Jeremy away from the supernatural, but she could never manage it. Over time Jeremy learned about the existence of vampires, witches, and werewolves. When Jeremy discovered Elena had been keeping secrets and that she had asked Damon to compel him, he was upset but later developed a supernatural power himself, becoming a member of The Five.

As a hunter, he felt the urge to kill vampires, making his relationship with Elena more difficult. After Elena's life was linked to Bonnie, Jeremy left as well and was not seen again until his cameo in the series finale. While Jeremy does appear early in Legacies, there is not enough known about his story to warrant a spin-off about him.


Similarly to Bonnie, Caroline has recently been exploring Europe, but under different intentions. She had been scouring the world, searching for someone who could help her prevent the merge that Josie and Lizzie may be facing when they turn twenty-two. After turning into a vampire, Caroline became a much more dynamic character.

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Following Caroline through Europe and the rest of the world as she strives to save her daughters from the merge would be a welcome storyline to devote time to. Additionally, since Caroline's journey has taken her away from the United States, it would allow her to branch out, making the central location in a different country rather than the United States.


Enzo joined the series as an old acquaintance of Damon's. They were trapped together as Augustine vampires, tortured until Damon escaped and left Enzo behind. Things were rocky for them at first until they found a balance, ultimately rebuilding their friendship.

At the end of the series, Enzo and Bonnie are in a romantic relationship and remain involved until a humanity-less Stefan Salvatore kills Enzo. While Enzo found ways to prove himself and his loyalty, his story felt less developed than others. In some ways, he felt too similar to the haunted, brooding vampires that audiences were already familiar with from Stefan, Damon, and the Original siblings.


Katherine had been on the run from Klaus for centuries by the time she met Stefan and Damon in 1864. After transforming to avoid dying by Klaus' hand, she found ways to survive, discovering ways to outsmart others to avoid being continuously exposed.

While Katherine had been an empathetic human beforehand, her deceitfulness, manipulations, and ability to learn ways to remain alive made her one of the shows' most interesting characters. While fans would already know how her story ends, her journey would be one to watch as she went from the kind human she had been to the survivor she was at the end.

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