The Vampire Diaries: 5 Reasons Stefan Was A Better Romantic Interest For Caroline (& 5 Why It Was Klaus)

The two of Caroline's romantic interests that had the longest staying value are Stefan and Klaus. Which one was the better romantic interest and why?

Once Caroline turned into a vampire in The Vampire Diaries she evolved into a more dynamic character and a fan favorite. Although she still boasted the insecurities and hyper-competence of human Caroline, her compassion, intelligence and loyalty became even stronger.

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In addition, Caroline began to be a romantic interest for many characters, such as Tyler, Alaric, and Enzo. However, the two that had the longest staying value are Stefan and Klaus. Which one was the better romantic interest and why?

10 Stefan: Helped Her When She Became a Vampire

Once Caroline is turned, she initially has difficulty managing the bloodthirst and hunger. Matter of fact, after she kills one person, Damon argues that she should be killed and tries to kill her. Both Elena and Stefan stop that from happening. Taking it one step further, Stefan works with Caroline to help her learn how to be a vampire and to control her urges. This amount of instruction and compassion when Caroline was at her most vulnerable paid off as Caroline became a very controlled vampire.

9 Klaus: Respects and Listens to Her, Above Others

Klaus doesn't listen to many people. Few have been been able to call him on his shortcomings and survive. However, Caroline is someone whose views he values above others. When she was a younger vampire, she was the one person he called to help him get the white oak out of his back, thinking he was dying from where Silas stabbed him. In this vulnerable moment, he trusted her.

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Later, she distracted him by calling him out on his past behavior, and he realized that Silas had planted the idea of the oak in him, rather than the actual oak. He thanked Caroline for breaking Silas's spell. This respect for Caroline and willingness to listen to her continues through all the time that they know each other. Matter of fact, when even his sister wants him to listen to reason in The Originals, she calls on Caroline to help.

8 Stefan: Was Trusted By Liz, Her Mom

Liz is a very important adult in Mystic Falls. Apart from being the Sheriff, she shares a special relationship with many of the main characters, including even Damon. However, her mother/daughter relationship with Caroline is particularly beautiful. These two sincerely and seriously love each other. Liz would do anything for her daughter, and Caroline feels the same.

When Liz is dying, she shows in many ways how she trusts Stefan and wishes that Stefan and Caroline would be more than friends. On top of this, Stefan is there for Caroline during her mother's illness and death.

7 Klaus: Admires Her Intelligence

Klaus is smitten with Caroline for many reasons. It could be partly because she reminds him of someone innocent when they first met, as Caroline believes, though Klaus may disagree. Apart from her perceived innocence (at first meeting), beauty, and willingness to call him out, Klaus also admires her intelligence. This is something that he has mentioned to her directly a couple of times.

When he was in Tyler's body and risked his safety to save Caroline, Caroline believes he is Tyler (her boyfriend) and starts kissing him. Klaus resists, at first, since he is the wrong body, and Caroline doesn't know that it's him. He calls her love, as he often did. She quickly realizes that he isn't Tyler. Klaus responds, "That's what I enjoy about you. So much more than a pretty face."

6 Stefan: Lets Her Decide When To Start a Relationship

While it took Stefan some time to realize his feelings towards Caroline, at first convinced that his feelings weren't as real for her as they were for Elena, he does realize them. He lets her know that he wants to be with her. However, he understands that she's been through a lot and is grieving her mother. At first, she tells him that the timing isn't right.

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Stefan, ever the patient man, is willing to wait for her. He doesn't push Caroline, telling her that he will still be her friend no matter what. Caroline gets to decide when she is ready without feeling guilty for taking time or being put in any sense of urgency to rush. This is a gentle kindness.

5 Klaus: Recognizes Her as Special

From the first moment Klaus truly met Caroline when he offered his blood to save her from a werewolf bite, Klaus seems to be taken with Caroline. He is interested in pursuing her and sees her as special. When they dance at a town function, he tells her that the small town boyfriend (Tyler) and the small town, "won't be enough for you."

Later, in The Originals, when they work together to track his daughter, Hope, down, Caroline muses about their past. She thinks that she represented something innocent to him, and states, "If we never met until now, I wonder if you'd even notice me." Klaus looks at her with complete sincerity and replies, "It'd be impossible not to notice you, Caroline."

4 Stefan: Were Married and Officially a Couple

While we may imagine what a romantic relationship with Klaus may have been like, they never had a committed romantic relationship. Stefan and Caroline were together as a couple. They try to be with different people, and then after a few years, return to each other. While they are apart, Stefan thinks of Caroline often, writing her letters.

Later, this relationship blossoms into an even bigger commitment as Stefan asks Caroline to marry him. Unfortunately, their marriage is cut short as Caroline is married and widowed the same day.

3 Klaus: Wants to Be Her Last Love

Klaus promises Caroline that he is willing to wait for her, as long as it takes. Although he has been jealous of her relationship with Tyler (her first real boyfriend, excluding Matt), he tells her, "He's your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes."

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That romantic line had many a fan a twitter, and it did seem that these two may have been meant to end up together. Klaus proves himself the most patient of all her suitors, willing to wait centuries to be with her (if that is what it takes).

2 Stefan: Shared an Amazing Friendship

After Stefan helps Caroline adjust to being a vampire, they become close friends. Both are willing to do a lot for each other in dire situations and in more common ones. Caroline confides in Stefan, and he helps her laugh off her insecurities. In addition, she can be vulnerable with him. This friendship proved as much of a pleasant surprise to viewers as Bonnie and Damon's did.

Their friendship blossomed into something more. However, before that, they had a strong friendship, one of the strongest on the show. This may have provided a base for a strong romantic relationship.

1 Klaus: Had More Chemistry

The scene sizzled when these two were together. Small gestures were charged. From the beginning, the two had strong chemistry and attraction (even when Caroline would rather not have felt that way). While Stefan and Caroline's friendship had amazing friendship chemistry, Klaus and she always seemed about ready to become a couple.

While chemistry isn't everything, we can't disagree that it promised a potentially powerful romantic love between these two.

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