New Moon New Clips, TV Spots Plus Tour Details

The Twilight Saga: New Moon promotional train just keeps on steamrolling along with news/details of an upcoming mall tour, as well as two new TV spots and a clip.

You're probably in one of two camps with regards to this Twilight sequel: either you couldn't give a crap about anything Twilight related, or you are fully on-board and you welcome the avalanche of promo materials. If you're the former, please bear with us; If you're the latter, here's our latest Twilight treat for you!

New Moon TV Spots and Clip

Here's the latest New Moon TV spots and the clip I mentioned. The TV spots each focus on two of the storylines that are part of New Moon. The first concentrates on Bella (Kristen Stewart), Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and the wolf pack; while the second focuses on the newly introduced Volturi, featuring Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning. Check them both out, thanks to Fandango and ETOnline (by way of TrailerAddict):

And finally, here's the 45 second clip from New Moon, which shows a rather tense looking scene where the Volturi, led by Aro (Sheen), decide what to do with Bella. Personally I think it looks pretty damn good - take a look, thanks to Yahoo:

We've still just under a month to go before the promo machine (including images, trailers, clips, posters etc.) from New Moon dies down after the movie itself hits theaters. Of course, after that we have more Twilight stuff to come as the process starts all over again for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

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