'The Turning' Trailer: Anthology Filmmaking In The Australian Countryside

"Ambitious" comes to mind when searching for words to characterize The Turning - at least based on the above trailer. The film comes courtesy of not one, but seventeen different directors, all working in tandem to adapt Australian novelist Tim Winton's short story collection of the same name. Each individual yarn interlocks with the others, exploring universal themes as common characters pop up across multiple sections. It's an award-winning sprawl - one that's been adapted as a stage play in Winton's home country - so it seems appropriate enough that the movie will be brought to life by a cadre of Australian filmmakers.

That's where The Turning may grab one's attention (as if a winding omnibus narrative isn't enough of an attention-grabber already): it marks the directorial debut for Aussie actors Mia Wasikowska (most recently seen in Stoker) and David Wenham. Cate Blanchett will star in the film alongside the likes of Miranda Otto, Rose Byrne, Richard Roxburgh, and Hugo Weaving. The above trailer doesn't speak much to The Turning's story - or stories - and only offers glimpses of its more recognizable talent, but the elliptical voice over, stunning imagery, and gentle, evocative score establish the tone well enough to suggest what viewers will be getting into here.

For the moment, the only shreds of plot offered for The Turning concern time and location. The entire picture unfolds over the course of 30 years in an Australian coastal hamlet, following the travails of a generation as time passes. While that's a slim synopsis, it should suffice until The Turning premieres at the Melbourne International Film Festival in July and reviews start coming in. In the meantime we can also enjoy its gorgeous official poster, pictured below:

Could one director have handled the entirety of The Turning's content? It's possible, but there's something exciting about having seventeen perspectives tell the various tales of the film's characters. Newbie auteurs Blanchett, Wenham, and Wasikowska will be joined behind the lens by Anthony Lucas, Robert Connolly, Jub Clerc, Jonathan auf der Heide, Tony Ayres, Shaun Gladwell, Ashlee Page, Stephen Page, Rhys Graham, Ian Meadows, Justin Kurzel, Yaron Lifschitz, Warwick Thornton, Marieka Walsh, and Claire McCarthy. That's an exhaustive list, but it should make for an interesting experiment even if one or two of the segments wind up falling flat.


We'll update you on more details about The Turning as they become available.

Source: The Film Stage

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