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The Troll Hunter - a Troll on the road

Fake documentaries are almost always enjoyable; they usually cover some wild topic and are a great deal of fun to watch. To this day my favorite of the bunch is This is Spinal Tap, but Best in Show, For Your Consideration, A Mighty Wind, Borat and Bruno are also great fake documentaries or "mockumentaries."

Indie filmmaker Andre Ovredal has combined the mockumentary genre with with the first person hand-held camera style utilized in Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield and the upcoming Super 8 to make his next project, Trolljegeren or The Troll Hunter. The Troll Hunter is a mockumentary that follows a group of Norwegian college students as they go searching for real life trolls that are being kept secret by the Norwegian government, like the way the U.S. government does with aliens and Area 51.

The students are under the impression that the power lines running across the hillsides of Norway are actually high-powered electric fences used to keep the monsters away from the general public and they are determined to blow the lid off the whole operation.

There is a lot of a buzz slowly being generated for The Troll Hunter and after looking at the picture above and watching the clips below, I can see why. The idea behind the film is excellent and unique, and there are endless possibilities for how the film can turn out. What I'm most impressed with so far however, are the special effects. There isn't much to see in the teaser but it lays the story out nicely. The really good stuff starts showing up in the Three-head Troll Clip and the Troll Chase (watch out for the swinging tail!).

Enjoy all three below:

-Teaser Trailer -


- Three-headed Troll Clip -


- Chasing a Troll -


Although the film is in Norwegian with English subtitles, that shouldn't stop you from wanting to see it. As fellow Screen Rant writer Ross Miller once discussed, you shouldn't avoid subtitled films. There are plenty of foreign films out there that often more enjoyable than some of the schlock Hollywood puts out - Let Me In, Dead Snow, Pan's Labrinyth - these three and more are completely subtitled but well worth the watch (or read so it were).

The Troll Hunter will be available overseas October 26th, 2010. No word on a US release yet.

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