The Tick NYCC Poster Confirms Season 1 Return Date

Peter Serafinowicz in The Tick

The Tick has gotten a New York Comic Con 2017 poster that confirms when the superhero comedy series will return to Amazon Prime with new episodes. The first season of the Peter Serafinowicz-starring comic book TV parody has been delivered to viewers in three chunks: first came the premiere episode, which aired in August 2016 as part of Amazon’s pilot season; then five episodes arrived in August 2017, continuing the story of this blue-suited superhero; and an additional six episodes will land online next year, rounding off the first season.

Although some fans might be dissatisfied by the limited binge-watching capabilities of a show distributed in this manner, audiences’ reception of The Tick his largely been positive. Screen Rant’s review heralded the first half of the season as a “satisfying superhero spoof”. Indeed, it’s remarkable that the show has found such a fresh perspective, despite being a reboot (Patrick Warburton starred in a short-lived The Tick series in 2001) of an existing property (Ben Edlund’s The Tick comics date back to 1986) in an already-packed marketplace.

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Now, as comic book fans of all ages gather at New York Comic Con for a weekend of nerdy joy, Amazon has opted to release a snazzy new poster and reveal The Tick’s return date (see below). The next six episodes of The Tick will land on Amazon Prime Video on February 23, 2018.

Time to return Destiny's call. New episodes of #TheTick available to stream on 2/23 exclusively with your Prime membership.

— The Tick (@TheTickTV) October 6, 2017

Griffin Newman’s sidekick character Arthur Everest has become something of a fan favorite, so it’s no surprise to see his alter ego, Moth Man, taking center stage in this piece of promotional art. Arthur is also the show’s most relatable character, and he serves to keep The Tick’s satire grounded in something vaguely resembling reality.

However, it is interesting to see a poster for The Tick that doesn’t feature The Tick at all. Serafinowicz does strong, funny work in the show’s title role, and some might be disappointed to see him left out like this. Of course, though, there are plenty of other promotional materials for the show, most of which give The Tick 100% of their focus. There’s nothing explicitly wrong with giving Arthur a chance to shine, for a change.

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The Tick returns to Amazon Prime with six new episodes on February 23rd, 2018.

Source: Amazon Prime

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