• The Tick is back and in season 2 it welcomes some new (and ridiuculous) new characters. 1 / 7

    Griffin Newman Peter Serafinowicz The Tick Season 2 VERTICAL
  • Creator Ben Edlund discussed what goes into making a character work in the world of The Tick. 2 / 7

    Scott Speiser Overkill The Tick Season 2 VERTICAL
  • He discussed how they have to be familiar and not too over-the-top, or else they won't be funny. 3 / 7

  • Ms. Lint, for instance, bears a familiar scar, but it's the consequences of her powers that make her funny. 4 / 7

  • Every character has a mundane inner life that also makes their super-heroic one a little more grounded. 5 / 7

  • It's all part of what makes The Tick such an enduring property. 6 / 7

    Peter Serafinowicz The Tick Season 2 VERTICAL
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