The Tick Live-Action Series Revival Pilot Ordered By Amazon

David Burke, Liz Vassey, Nestor Carbonell and Patrick Warburton in The Tick

Superhero parodies are big business right now, in the wake of Fox raking in profits from Deadpool. But '90s kids caught the bug for laughing at the costumed crimefighter set much earlier, thanks to FOX's animated adaptation of Ben Edlund's indie comic book fave, The Tick -- a superhero satire popular enough to spawn a live-action prime time series starring Venture Bros and Family Guy mainstay Patrick Warburton in 2001. And while the series was canceled after only nine episodes, it would go on to achieve a cult following on DVD.

But it looks as though the series will get another shot at making its way into the hearts and living rooms of television viewers, as Amazon has officially ordered a pilot for a live-action revival of The Tick.

The series has some big guns behind it on the creative side: Edlund himself will produce and write the screenplay for the pilot, while cinematographer/director Wally Pfister is in talks to direct. Sony Pictures Television and Barry Josephson are producing. If picked up, the series would join a growing stable of high-profile original programs coming from the TV streaming arm of the online shopping giant, including Bosch, The Man in The High Castle, and the award-winning Transparent.

Patrick Warburton and David Burke in The Tick

A major question for many fans will be whether or not actors from the original series will reprise any of their roles, but at this point it's largely unclear. Earlier reports indicated that Amazon had already signed Warburton to reprise his role as The Tick, but an official statement as to his involvement has yet to be issues. Griffin Newman (Vinyl) has been cast as Arthur, The Tick's sidekick, replacing David Burke from the first series. Nestor Carbonell and Liz Vassey appeared on the original series as Batmanuel and Captain Liberty, but it's unknown whether either actor will return.

A sitcom-style satire of superheroism as an ordinary, almost boring vocation, The Tick traditionally takes place in The City (the continuity has been different in each successive version) and centers on the daily life of the title character: a not-so-bright do-gooder whose powers and abilities (being strong, basically) have no real relation to his name and choice of costume. He's usually depicted as sharing a dingy apartment with his sidekick Arthur, a former accountant whose family disapproves of his superhero lifestyle. Speaking of his family, Valerie Curry has been cast as Arthur's sister, Dot, who was a recurring fixture of the animated series.

It will be interesting to see what tone the series opts to take, if it proceeds as what sounds like an entirely new conception rather than a continuation of the previous live-action attempt. Created as a mascot for New England Comics, Edlund's original comic affected an anarchic comedy tone, while the animated series added a bigger focus on traditional superhero action, but with a satiric/silly edge. The live-action action version was produced more with adults in mind. Amazon, thus far, has had a largely adult focus for their original programming, so it remains to be seen what form The Tick will take.

Screen Rant will have more details on The Tick as they are made available.

Source: The Wrap

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