The Thing Remake Will Be A Prequel

I have no idea how this one passed me by.

As a huge fan of John Carpenter, Kurt Russell and Howard Hawks, The Thing is one of my favorite films. I have vague memories of rumblings about sequels and remakes, but I never knew that anything even remotely concrete was beginning to form. Well it turns out that a story is in place that sets the film before the events of John Carpenter's film.

Producer Marc Abraham had this to say to Latino Review:

"This is more of a prequel than a sequel, there is your exclusive. It's going to be taking place in the same time frame."

He went on to say:

“These are the events leading up to the 1982 film.”

The first film is set in an Antarctic research station where a shape-shifting alien kills the men stationed there one by one. The opening of the film, to the sounds of a pulsating Ennio Morricone score, follows a Norwegian helicopter as it tracks a dog (The Thing) to the research base where Kurt Russell and his fellow crew are stationed.

One can only presume that this prequel will be set in the Norwegian research station, and that the film's finale will be the above mentioned helicopter chase.

I'm not sure what to think about this. I'm against remaking classics, however The Thing was itself a remake of a great Howard Hawks film called The Thing from Another World, which in turn was based on a novella named "Who Goes There?." Both films are excellent in their own way.

Ideally I'd like to see Russell back as MacReady with Carpenter wielding the megaphone, but I don't think that'll ever happen.

It's interesting news, and as with any John Carpenter related stories - I'll keep you posted.

Source: Latino Review

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