New Character Details of 'The Thing' Prequel

Last week we reported on the news that The Thing prequel is set to go into production this March, shooting through June. As far as we knew, the prequel was set to focus on the events of the decimated Norwegian camp we saw in John Carpenter's original film. However we get news from Bloody-Disgusting telling us that might (MIGHT) not be the case.

A script for The Thing prequel was originally written by Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore, but Nightmare on Elm Street remake writer, Eric Heisserer, was brought in to do a rewrite. According to Bloody-Disgusting, the studio is going ahead with Heisserer's version of the script, which reportedly starts with the discovery of an alien spaceship far beneath the ice surface near a remote Antarctica outpost. Supposedly a team of scientists decide to thaw out the creature that's discovered, which inevitably leads to the mayhem at the camp.

There were previous rumors that the setting of the prequel would be the Norwegian camp seen in Carpenter's version of The Thing. I personally thought that was a great way to tie this prequel into the Carpenter version (and so did many of you). After all, this is supposed to be a prequel, not a totally new story. If it doesn't link up to Carpenter's film in some way then it's just another pointless remake in my eyes.

Lending strong evidence to those early rumors, Spoiler TV and/or Bloody-Disgusting (not sure who got there first) have obtained information on the characters that are set to appear in The Thing prequel. It appears that Heisserer's version does indeed incorporate the Norwegian team, as the casting info calls for some people who speak Norwegian. We'll just include a few of the descriptions below, and you can head over to Bloody-Disgusting for the rest:

[KATE LLOYD] In her late 20s to early 30s, pretty, bright-eyed, intelligent, she's a graduate of Columbia and a Ph.D. candidate in paleontology (the study of prehistoric life). On the recommendation of her friend Adam Goodman, Kate is tapped for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by Dr. Sander Halvorson to join his research team in Antarctica, where an extraordinary discovery has been made. Upon arrival, Kate soon finds herself at odds with Halvorson about how best to proceed with the discovery -- an alien spaceship with a mysterious and sinister frozen THING found nearby -- specifically whether to transfer the specimen undisturbed to a more appropriate facility for analysis, or, per Halvorson's wishes, to drill into the specimen's ice encasement for a definitive tissue sample. Kate's misgivings about her involvement grow when Halvorson ignores her advice and collects his tissue sample -- a critical error in judgment that ultimately frees the trapped organism and triggers a series of horrific incidents and attacks. Furthering her sense of isolation, most of the scientists at the site speak Norwegian, a language she doesn't understand. Kate looks to her friend, Adam, for help stopping Sander's obsession from getting them all killed, but eventually must take matters of life and death into her own hands. In the end, her only hope of survival is to join forces with Sam Carter, the chopper pilot who flew her team to the remote Norwegian base...LEAD (2)

[DR. SANDER HALVORSON] In his late 30s to early 50s, austere, scholarly and imperious, he's a microbiologist from NYU who leads a science research team to Antarctica to help his old friend Edvard interpret and analyze an extraordinary discovery made beneath the ice. Sander, a brilliant scientist and a master of self-promotion, knows that his involvement in such an historic discovery will bring him fame and fortune. Blinded by ambition, he refuses to abandon the "project" even as the bodies pile up around him. He is annoyed when Kate, whom he considers more of an apprentice than an equal, disagrees with him and openly questions his decisions in front of the others...LEAD. Actor must be able to speak some Norwegian. (2)

[SAM CARTER] In his early 30s, rugged, handsome, blue-collar, he's a helicopter pilot with a private charter service that transports personnel and supplies from McMurdo Station to remote research sites across Antarctica. Carter is a mercenary. He flies when he wants, where he wants, and he flies for one reason: money. But his resourcefulness, experience and get-it-done mentality make him indispensable. Arriving at Thule Station, he is the first to suspect something strange and dangerous is going on. Trapped there by faulty equipment, he becomes an unlikely ally of Kate's -- he reminds her (in temperament) of her father, now deceased, also a pilot. He and his co-pilot Jameson are nearly killed in a helicopter crash as they attempt to leave under less than ideal conditions. Carter must ultimately join forces with Kate to stop the THING's rampage...LEAD (3)

[EDVARD WOLNER] In his mid 40s, gentle, erudite, loyal to a fault, this Norwegian geoscientist and his crew discovered an alien spaceship and a mysterious frozen THING buried in a deep crevasse in Antarctica. Edvard requested the assistance of his colleague Dr. Sander Halvorson and he's pleased to see his old friend arrive at the site. Both men have stars in their eyes, knowing that their combined findings will bring them fame in the scientific community, but after Edvard loses two of his men to the terrifying THING, he's ready to call it quits rather than risk more lives...SUPPORTING. Actor must speak Norwegian. (16)

As stated, for the rest of the casting/character info you can head over to Bloody-Disgusting.

We now have this casting info to clear up a lot of these rumors we've heard about The Thing prequel - especially the one about the brother of Kurt Russell's character being a main character. Thankfully, that character does NOT appear on the roster (that would've been an epic fail). We know now the Norwegian team is definitely a part of the story, and that they appear to be mixed in with an American team for at least some of the movie. This allows the filmmakers to both keep the movie tied into Carpenter's film but also bring in new (English-speaking) characters as fodder for the shape-shifting alien.

What are your thoughts on the latest info we have on The Thing prequel/remake (or whatever it is...)?

The Thing is set to go into production this March in Toronto, but there's no release date set as of yet.

Source: Spoiler TVBloody-Disgusting

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