'Watchmen' Screenwriter David Hayter Adapting 'The Sword'

Perhaps it's just because using panels from a comic book is cheaper than hiring a storyboard artist, but adaptations of graphic novels are a hot property in Hollywood at the moment, and even outside of the major DC and Marvel titles that tend to dominate the box office, there are quite a few notable examples of lesser-known comic books that are getting the big screen treatment over the next few years.

One such movie is I, Frankenstein, the supernatural action horror that was adapted for film by Kevin Grevioux, from his own comic book series of the same name. The film is being produced by Lakeshore Entertainment with Aaron Eckhart playing the lead role, and although it's not out until next year the studio is already diving right back into the pages of comic books for their next project.

The Wrap reports that Lakeshore is turning Jonathan and Joshua Luna's 24-issue comic book series The Sword into a film, and has hired David Hayter to write the screenplay adaptation of the comics, in preparation for a 2014 production start. Lakeshore secured the rights to The Sword earlier this year, and the film is being produced by Gary Lucchesi and Tom Rosenberg, who previously worked on the Underworld series.

Hayter has some solid credentials when it comes to adapting comic books for the big screen. He wrote the screenplay for X-Men and co-wrote the sequel, X2, though his most recent project of that nature was Zack Snyder's 2009 adaptation of Watchmen, the highly acclaimed graphic novel by Alan Moore. Watchmen had an amazing trailer that the film itself unfortunately failed to live up to (for many), suffering from pacing issues and a slavish adherence to the source material that prevented it from making a fully effective transition to the screen (especially for casual audiences). With luck, and with the right director, The Sword might make the transfer to a cinematic format a little more successfully.

The Sword's story is, thankfully, not quite as complex as that of Watchmen, though it's no less compelling. The protagonist, Dara Brighton, is a paraplegic college student who lives with her family, and one day discovers a sword in her basement that not only enables her to walk, but also gives her extraordinary powers. Once the premise is established in the first collected volume of the comics, the remainder of the story is a revenge tale as Dara seeks out three siblings who attacked her and her family.

Are you confident in David Hayter's ability to write the script for The Sword, or would you have preferred a different screenwriter for this project? Also, should Lakeshore Entertainment stick to the book and fill it with Kill Bill style over-the-top-violence, or tame it to a PG-13 for slightly younger audiences?


The Sword doesn't have a release date yet, but we'll keep you updated on further talent or casting news.

Source: The Wrap

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