Showtime Lands 'The Studio' From George Clooney & 'Rescue Me' Co-Creator

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If the works of Aaron Sorkin have proven anything, it’s that Hollywood loves to make things about itself, and considering the recent success of Showtime’s Episodes, it’s no surprise the network has opted to order a script for another BTS drama, this time from George Clooney and the co-creator of Rescue Me.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Studio – a new drama following two tinsel town studio execs as they gain power while most of the SoCal industry is bought up by major corporations – has been given a script commitment by Showtime with a major penalty, and will be executive produced by Clooney and Peter Tolan. At the moment, there are no stars currently on board.

Given the current franchise nature of Hollywood, it would be interesting to watch how the town ultimately got there, and considering the early 90s were a time when Hollywood was doing nothing but buying an extensive amount of spec-scripts to make great films, there’s certain a weekly, hour-long drama in that. However, the best thing the series has going for it is its writer.

Peter Tolan has earned a lifetime pass following the blood, sweat and tears he poured into FX’s long-running firefighter drama, Rescue Me, with co-creator and star Denis Leary. That, in addition to also serving as co-creator on Leary’s other major TV series, The Job.At this point, Tolan has proven himself capable of great things, and to think he going to have a chance to play in the premium cable sand box that will allow his brain to run wild, well there are few better scenarios than that.

Of course there’s also the inclusion of George Clooney in this whole thing, a man who himself loves to take an inside look at various aspects of American culture. At this point, there’s no word how or if his role in the series will extend past executive producer, but if he should, say, step into the director’s chair of the pilot episode Tolan has been commissioned to write, it’s hard to imagine many being in disagreement with the decision. All in all, there’s a lot going got The Studio.

As Showtime works to find its next big hit, there’s a good chance the combination of Clooeney and Tolan with subject matter that directly relates to the current state of the studio industry that won’t stop buying up every single IP it can get its hands on will lead to something really special… but even if it doesn’t, we’re sure it will lead to some great television, and really, there’s nothing we want more than that.

We’ll keep you up to date with The Studio as it develops.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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