The Strain Showrunner Says All Bets Are Off In The Final Season

The Strain Season 4

Game of Thrones may be dominating the TV talk this Sunday, but there's another series based on a string of books promising fans of both something different is on the horizon. As FX premieres the final 10 episodes of The Strain, executive producer Carlton Cuse is warning fans of the novels by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan that the television series may head off in another direction.

That's been the case from the beginning with this show, as the producers and writers have often referred to the campy vampire saga as it's own unique animal. Now, as the show prepares to reach its conclusion with the fourth and final season, Cuse once again reiterates that those differences will play an important role in the fates of characters like Corey Stoll's Ephraim Goodweather, as well as Kevin Durand's Vasily Fet, of course, the boy who cried nuke, Max Charles's divisive Zack Goodweather.

In a recent discussion with various media outlets, Cuse took the time to answer a few questions about season 4, and where things were headed with the ultimate endgame now afoot. He described just how much freedom the series had in finding its own conclusion, and how exciting it should be for fans of the novels to see potentially different outcomes to each character's story. Cuse said:

David Bradley in The Strain season 4

"I think the thing is, most importantly, if you've read the books, the show is own animal and it has its own narrative journey. I don't think you can watch this final season of the show and think you know what's going to happen to any of the characters. All bets are off. We allow the television show to be its own creation. If you've read the books, don't think you know what the fates of the characters are.

The ultimate thing about the last season of this show is that you get to find out what the ultimate fate of these characters is. And that's very exciting. I think, in the case of our show, in a lot of ways, is very surprising."

Those fates tie into several character histories that will be explored in greater detail in season 4, and as Cuse states, The Strain will continue to utilize flashbacks as a means of rounding out these character, one of whom will even get a flashback in the final episode.

"There is even a flashback in the final episode. It's always been a good way for us to really provide some resonance about these characters. It's something that we've done since the beginning and it's something we will continue to do in this last season."

There's reason to think the individual Cuse is referring to here is the Master, but fans will just have to wait and see. There are only nine episodes to go until The Strain reveals just how different it will be from the novels that inspired it.

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The Strain continues next Sunday with 'The Blood Tax' @10pm on FX.

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