'The Strain' Season 2 Trailer: Infect the Infected

As The Strain's very first trailer warned, "the end of our world is the beginning of theirs." What followed last summer was a gory, thrilling, and fun ticking-clock crusade from horror guru Guillermo Del Toro that eventually ended in the protagonists' failure to prevent this beginning - which was, ironically, where the series succeeded.

Now, as established by a new season 2 trailer released by FX, the unique pre-apocalyptic premise is quickly moving into usual post-apocalyptic territory, a la The Walking Dead. With parasitic neo-vamps running rampant throughout New York, our heroes must "fight or die" in their quest to prevent the virus from spreading even further.

Check out the new poster below (via Entertainment Weekly):

The Strain Season 2

In season 2's case, prevention is not better than the cure - far from it, in fact. As Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and Dr. Nora Martinez realize, the key to humanity's survival is not guillotining the monstrous creatures one by one (sorry Abraham), but instead, finding a weak link in the vampire biology. They need to "infect the infected".

But they had better do it quickly. With the Master poised to undergo a "wondrous transformation" (aka "terrifying mutation") in season 2, Goodweather and his ragtag team of heroes don't have much time before the next phase of evolution - or de-evolution in humanity's unfortunate case.

Thankfully, this sets up another compelling ticking clock motif to propel the second season forward, and hopefully return to it the momentum season 1 partially lost toward its end (read our season finale review here). With the revelation that the Master cannot be killed by sunlight, and the introduction of the the Born - a hybrid group of vampires who hunt other vampires - season 1 certainly left plenty of looming questions to be answered and vampire lore to be explored.

Miguel Gomez and Stephen McHattie in The Strain, Episode13

Arguably, The Strain's primary strength is its original, anti-Twilight concept that merges two familiar worlds - that of bloodsucking vampires and that of flesh-eating zombies - into a terrifying and disturbing new one. Thus, for season 2 to truly succeed - and become more than another typical doom-laden story of survival - it needs to plays to its strength and delve further into that mythology.

Season 2 of The Strain premieres this summer on FX, though the date has yet to be announced. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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