2nd Teaser Trailer For 'The Social Network'

The Social Network interactive trailer and 4 tv spots

Sony Pictures has released another teaser trailer for The Social Network, the new film from director David Fincher (Fight Club) and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing).

The Social Network is based off the non-fiction novel The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal by Ben Mezrich (whose book Bringing Down the House was the inspiration for the Kevin Spacey flick, 21). It presents the founding of Facebook as an emotionally-charged tale full of lies, thievery, back-stabbings, and revenge.  That's not exactly what you think of when you hear the words "Facebook movie," now is it?

The film stars Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg - the man credited for creating the site - and Andrew Garfield (the new Spider-Man) as Eduardo Saverin, the guy who eventually had to take legal action to be credited as the co-creator of Facebook, after a fallout with his former pal Zuckerberg.  Rashida Jones, Brenda Song, Joseph Mazzello, and Justin Timberlake will appear in prominent roles as well.

This second teaser is similar in design to that of the first Social Network teaser as it features nothing in the way of actual footage - instead, it contains audio snippets of important dialogue and dramatic exchanges between characters from the film.  Appropriately enough, this time the conversations are presented in the form of Facebook status updates for each of the involved parties.

You can check out the new teaser trailer below:

Eisenberg is better known nowadays for playing the sympathetic geek in movies like Adventureland and Zombieland, though he demonstrated back in 2005 with The Squid and the Whale that he can be convincing as a less-than-likeable nerd as well.  It will also be interesting to see how Garfield's performance in The Social Network bodes for his future turn as the new Peter Parker.

Fincher is generally an excellent director and the material he's working with here seems fittingly dark, given his sensibilities as a filmmaker.  Sorkin has quite the knack for scripting emotionally-charged political dramas, so his work will hopefully be top-notch here as well.

What do you think?  Are you intrigued by the second Social Network trailer?  Do you like the marketing design for this film so far?  Sound off in the comments section below.

The Social Network arrives in theaters in the U.S. on October 1st, 2010.

Source: Sony Pictures (via Screen Crave)

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