Two New Clips For 'The Social Network' Build On The Oscar Buzz

Two New Clips From David Fincher's The Social Network

The Oscar buzz continues to build for David Fincher’s The Social Network and two new clips were released this week as the marketing campaign intensifies in anticipation of films October 1st opening. So far, the early reviews for The Social Network have been overwhelmingly positive, and from what we have seen, it would appear safe to say that lead actor Jesse Eisenberg will never be referred to as "the other Michael Cera" again.

Sometimes overzealous marketing campaigns can have an adverse effect on a film, in this case however, the appetite seems to be increasing rather than waning. Each of the clips gives a window into the mind of the (ironically) socially awkward Mark Zuckerberg (Eisenberg), and a flavor of Trent Reznor’s anxiously anticipated score.

Take a look at the clip below, which illustrates some of the elements of FaceBook’s development. It goes without saying that the most successful business ventures come when a need is recognized, and a company steps in with a product or service to fulfill that need. What is fascinating is that Zuckerberg seems to recognize a social need (well, desire), and steps in with a service that is so uniquely "of it’s time" to fulfill it. It is now standard procedure to check the Facebook profile of someone you are romantically interested in. Here we see the genesis of that now commonplace practice.

Perhaps it is the unique way that Zuckerberg see’s the world that allowed him to envision an entity that would permit people to communicate exactly what they want to about themselves, without ever having to physically interact. He successfully created a non-physical realm, in which an individual is able to shamelessly engage in both voyeuristic and exhibitionist indulgences. Take a look at the clip below where some of Zuckerberg's simultaneously elliptical and razor sharp patterns of thought are demonstrated.

This clip shows the strength of Mark Zuckerberg’s convictions (as a character in this film), and the power of Jesse Eisenberg’s performance. The Social Network is now one of the most talked about and anticipated films of this Fall's movie season. The film gives every indication of fulfilling the promise of what we now recognize as its potential.

The Social Network opens October 1st.

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