Status Update: Facebook Movie Gets the Green Light

Well it didn't take Hollywood long at all to push Aaron Sorkin's (The West Wing) script about the rise of Facebook, entitled The Social Network, through all the red tape to secure a budget and shooting date. It was just a couple of weeks ago that Screen Rant first reported on the big-screen adaptation of the online social giant's startup story. We just could not understand why this film was being pushed through so fast.

Regardless of what blog sites and movie fans are thinking, though, Columbia Pictures has given the go ahead to David Fincher (Fight Club) and Kevin Spacey (Se7en) to start production on The Social Network in October, with a reported budget of $45 million dollars. That's a mighty hefty price tag for a movie that should have no special effects in it whatsoever, and which should require almost no costly marketing at all (just use Facebook! Duh!).

There are still no actors attached to the project but with the shooting schedule so close, there will have to be an announcement soon. I'm still not all that convinced The Social Network is big-screen material. Is it an interesting story? For sure. Did Sorkin take all sorts of liberties with the storyline to create intrigue, and over dramatize some things that didn't need to be? It's Hollywood so of course that answer is going to be 'Yes.'

The script for the film made the rounds of a few critics and supposedly it's receiving high praise and undoubtedly it is going to be a good movie - so I don't really know what is blocking me from truly being excited about it.  Maybe it's because other than using Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, I haven't heard a peep from other news sources regarding all this "sex, money and internet" that is reportedly in the script. There have been some reports of legal battles between co-founders Mark Zuckerberg and DustinMoskovitz with some former college mates regarding source coding, but honestly isn't that just a battle between nerds and their domains (get it)?

We'll just have to keep an eye on this ordeal and keep you up-to-date with news and information regarding The Social Network.  I wonder if they can manage to mix in a "Farkle" or "Farmville" reference into the movie? Just thinking out loud and don't judge me because I know you play also.

What do you think about the fast track The Social Network has been put on, and do you think the budget is too high for this type of film?

The Social Network currently has no release date.

Source : End of Show

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