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red band trailer for jonah hill movie the sitter

The red-band trailer for Jonah Hill's new comedy The Sitter is out. And it's likely to get some people riled up.

Not just riled up because this is yet another Jonah Hill movie (the guy has his detractors) and/or raunchy comedy. No, this movie is going to get some people riled up because it takes all that aforementioned stuff - which already gets people riled up - and throws kids into the mix.

The Sitter stars Hill as a foul-mouthed loser college student who gets roped into babysitting his neighbor's kids. In true comedy fashion, what starts out as a routine job - cursing at kids who are equally unruly and vicious - turns into a single-night adventure, including a battle against some unruly and vicious drug dealers (Method Man and Sam Rockwell, as it were). Basically, the movie is Adventures In Babysitting meets Pineapple Express, brought to you by...the guy who directed Pineapple Express (David Gordon Green).

Check out the red-band trailer for The Sitter below, courtesy of IGN:


Personally, I'm not one to be offended by this brand of comedy (I like mine raw and raunchy, thank you very much) - and truth be told, in a post-Bad Santa, post-Role Models world I can't see how you cry foul about having kids in a film like this. However, some people will be offended by the kids, others by the raunch, others by the sight of Hill playing yet another obnoxious character - others still by all three of these things. So it goes.

As for the part about Hill: yes this role is a familiar one for the actor, but if you couldn't tell by that hilariously inappropriate intro to the trailer, Hill is going to be changing things up (at least slightly) in the near future. We've already seen him playing a more reserved and understated role in the Moneyball trailer; the actor has also clearly trimmed-down for his more action-heavy roles in films like the 21 Jump Street movie. So there's that to look forward to?

The Sitter will spread holiday cheer when it's released in theaters on December 9, 2011.

Source: IGN

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