'The Sitter' Trailer: Jonah Hill's Babysitting Adventure

The Sitter Greenband Trailer

After David Gordon Green’s Your Highness had a massive amount of publicity before it hit theaters, it comes as a bit of a surprise that his follow-up, The Sitter, has had so little. Particularly because it looks so much better than the former film.

Today, the green-band trailer for The Sitter has hit the Internet, featuring all the awesomeness of the red-band trailers with none of the NFSW material. So if you're at work when you watch this, feel free to turn up your speakers.

The story of The Sitter follows Noah (Jonah Hill), a suspended college student now living with his mom, who gets coaxed into babysitting the terrible, awful, no-good kids next door. As is typical of such films, Noah decides to take the kids into the city to meet his girlfriend – or maybe he just wants her to be his girlfriend? – and everything that could possibly go awry, goes awry.

Check out the trailer below (from iTunes):

Our very own Kofi Outlaw said that The Sitter looks like an R-rated version of the 1980s comedy/adventure The Adventures of Babysitting (directed by Chris Columbus, starring Elisabeth Shue), but I think it bears repeating.

So many elements of this trailer are reminiscent of that film, including the trip into the city, the three babysittees, the strange little girl, and the gangsters (Sam Rockwell and J.B. Smoove) giving chase - only they're all markedly darker and more sarcastic. And who doesn’t love comedy/adventures that revolve around one night on the town? They've been the backbone of the American cinema going all the way back to American Graffiti. 

Honestly, the film looks like it could be extremely entertaining. Director David Gordon Green doesn’t always make excellent films – Your Highness, for example, was very not excellent – but Pineapple Express was enjoyable and the first season of Eastbound and Down was pretty much flawless.

This also marks the last film to showcase a (oh, how should we put this) “rotund” Jonah Hill before his skinnier role in 21 Jump Street. So, yeah, enjoy it while it lasts.


The Sitter hits theaters December 9, 2011.

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Source: iTunes

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