15 Absolute Worst Things People Have Ever Done In The Sims

EA Maxis and Electronic Arts' The Sims is the world's most popular life simulation game series -- selling millions of copies internationally, as well as spawning countless sequels, expansion packs, spin-offs, and an endless amount of downloadable, fan-made content.

Centering on the lives of virtual humans labeled as "Sims," the game allows imaginations to roam free, encouraging users to conjure up interesting narratives and pursue zany, often humurous adventures. This can include creating an ultimate dream house for your Sim, flying them off to fictional lands (or even timelines), and fulfilling their wildest dreams and ambitions.

Of course, it wouldn't be a sandbox game without the option to go the complete other route: utterly sabotaging your Sims' lives to the point of perpetual misery and, sometimes, even gruesome deaths.

Given that most players of the series are a brilliantly creative bunch, this article has compiled a list of in-game feats so savage and sadistic that they might almost be considered virtual works of art. From tales of sweet vengeance to scandalous affairs with the paranormal, these users have mastered the art of tormenting our Maxis' helpless simulated creations.

These are the 15 Absolute Worst Things People Have Ever Done In The Sims.

15 Tortured A Burglar In A Basement And Then Burned His Family and Friends

Revenge is a dish best served in the burning hot flames of all the virtual people you've ever loved.

That's exactly what one woeful Sim came to realize when he was caught burgling the house of one particular player's (lifesnotperfect) main character – who then made his Sim seduce the burglar, eventually creating a close enough relationship to propose them to move in.

He then trapped the crook in a basement of which only his Sim could enter, where he lived half his life in a dark realm of rotting food and lack of basic amenities. The burglar soon began to reach his elder years, and before his birthday, the player decided to release him – finally giving him a sweet life of comfort and fine food just a day before the party.

Everything went well on the day of the celebration, until the player trapped the thief, his family, and his friends in the party room, placing fireplaces with flammable carpets on all sides. A mezzanine was then built above the festivities, where the burglar was made to stand and watch as his loved ones suffered in a prison of fire, before eventually burning in the flames himself.

14 Had A Sim Live In A Cube And Paint Portraits Of A Young Boy

Disconnected_'s most "evil" in-game episode involved an artistic male Sim named "Copy That." He had "Copy" live in a small, concrete cube with only the most basic essentials (a toilet, bed, and shower), as well as an easel, and he spent his days painting.

Eventually the player gave Copy a computer, which the guy began using to meet other Sims online. He befriended a young boy named Michael, who he one day decided to invite into his cubic home.

Temporarily removing a wall for Michael to enter, the player quickly sealed off the cube once the boy was inside, trapping him with Copy forever. Michael was perpetually stuck in the game's state of "needing to go home," and kept passing out or relieving himself on the floor.

The user had Copy grow an obsession for Michael by constantly painting portraits of him. Eventually sick of Michael's nagging, the player killed him off in a basement set ablaze by numerous furnaces.

Michael's urn was then placed in the middle of Copy's cube, where he mourned the loss of his friend, surrounded by the countless portraits he painted in his image.

13 Starved A Child To Death As She Stared At Pizza

Redditor hdah24 definitely put his foot down in the worst way, as he dealt with one of the Goth family's most stubborn kids: Cassandra.

Frustated by how Cassandra would continuously order pizzas – despite there being enough food in the house, and her mother cooking meals from time to time – the player hatched a vengful (and rather sadistic) plan.

Instructing Cassandra to order her pizza – as per her usual routine – he then made her take the box to a long dining table outside the Goth Mansion, placing it on one end, and then walking all the way to the other.

A pool without ladders was then built around the table, trapping Cassandra on a tiny patch of land containing her, the pizza, and the long table that separated them.

Unable to reach her pizza, the player watched as Cassandra died a torturous death, starving as she stared at the last pizza she'd ever order.

12 Made A Father Sim Burn His Children In A Fire

This disturbingly traumatic scenario was played out with a male Sim named Pablo and his seven children, who the player decided to move into a tiny, 21-square home with nothing but stoves lined up in a row.

Removing the door, the user watched as puddles of urine and feces began to build up, given that their small space was devoid of even a single toilet. Eventually, the floors amassed so much waste that the stoves began catching fire, trapping Pablo and his helpless children in a small, fiery hell.

Attempting to escape the fire, Pablo scrambled into an empty square, free from the chaos, but accidentally pushing his children into the toward the flames.

The player than gave Pablo a door to flee from his burning home, though built an "outdoor prison" with only enough room for him to stand. There, he was forced to stare at the graves of the children he unwittingly murdered, and cried uncontrollably before dying of exhaustion.

11 Turned The Family Dog Human Then Murdered Him

Some pets are unfortunately better off left as pets. Redditor "funmenjorities" found out the hard way in The Sims: Makin' Magic, when they decided to turn their Sims' beloved dog, AJ, into a human, hoping to have him become an even closer member of their family.

It wasn't long before the player realized that AJ was actually a complete, utter jerk as a human Sim, abusing the only family that had loved and cared for him. Taking matters into their own hands, the user trapped AJ inside a stone tomb that lacked any basic amenities, including food.

Deprived of nourishment, AJ slowly died of starvation – but not without the family standing out front, playing music to his tortured demise. Additionally, the player gave them a new dog to care for, which they happily played with outside of AJ's tomb (as if to taunt his haunted soul).

AJ's demented tale could have very well ended there, but even his family didn't get the last laugh – as they eventually crossed paths with a dragon who burnt their house and murdered them all.

10 Forced Whole Neighborhood To Use One Toilet

What's The Sims without a twisted social experiment here and there? That's exactly what Redditor connain carried out one day when they decided to gather an entire Sims 2 neighborhood into a small, one-room house, devoid of any decorative ornaments, windows, or even a door to escape.

Once all were trapped inside, the Sims were granted a refrigerator to keep them fed; the player wanted to specifically avoid starving any of them to death during this peculiar trial. At the center of the room, a single toilet was placed – out in the open, in full public view.

The user was curious to see if any Sim would cave and unashamedly use the toilet in front of everyone else – which most of them refused to.

Eventually, the player began narrowing their space by bringing the walls closer and closer together, forcing the entire neighborhood into a tiny, cramped space. All were glowering at a toilet they so desperately needed to use – yet none were willing to.

9 Killed Old Woman With Exhaustive Woo-Hoo

Youtuber DangerouslyFunny set on an in-game quest to romance Death (aka the Grim Reaper), with some darkly humorous results.

In an attempt to summon the presence of Death, he had his Sim trap a number of neighborhood characters in an enclosed, fenced prison just outside of his home. With lack of food and basic utilities, the player sat back as he waited for them to die of natural causes, eagerly waiting Death's arrival.

His experiment yielded little to no results, with Death getting away before a romantic relationship could ensue. This was when he decided to have his Sim seduce an old woman in one of the neighboring homes, eventually taking her to bed, in the hopes of Woo-Hoo-ing her to the point of exhaustion – and ultimately, to her death.

Surprisingly enough, it worked, with the two doing the deed about four times, before the old woman died in her own indulgence. The user's Sim then went up to her urn and engraved "4 TIMES!!!" on its shiny surface.

Death unfortunately got away once again, but the Sim proposed to the woman's daughter about a day after.

8 Carried Out Harrowing Lab Experiments On Children

The social experiments just keep on coming. Redditor cryfox shares his most outrageous Sims experience, with a story that involved three Sim children and their unfortunate social worker.

The player started the game off by creating a family of one adult and three children, making all three Sim kids "deathly afraid" of water. He then custom-built a laboratory set in the mountains, and placed two of the youngest childen in tiny cells – granting them only a toilet and a fridge, though a pool of water lay right in-between.

The children would then have to get over their terrifying phobias in order to feed, and repeat the cycle once more when they needed to relieve themselves. The eldest child was made to live outside, on an island encircled with ring-shaped pools (like a target) – taunting her with incentives on the outer ring islands.

The adult Sim was labeled the "scientist" behind these experiments, and kept watch. Eventually, a social worker came to rescue the children, though she, too, was trapped in the monstrous Sim lab and forced as a participant to other horrendous tests.

7 Started A Cult In The Basement

RoaneF's darkest narrative in The Sims was like something straight out of The Twilight Zone it centered on a cult that he managed to start in one of his character's basements. The player had what he described as a "very charismatic" Sim, who lived in a house above the underground faction, meeting and charming random strangers who he came across on the street.

Eventually, the Sim would form close enough friendships to lure these unsuspecting characters into his home, leading them underneath the floorboards and trapping them in a tiny cell with only the most basic of furniture and appliances to tend to their needs.

Roaming the halls of the basement was another Sim, whom the player titled the "cult leader," visiting the cells of his victims and eventually convincing each character to fall in love with him.

Once a hostage developed a good case of Stockholm Syndrome (and was thus considered "converted"), they were then invited to join the main room, where the all other cult members gathered. They formed a band, skinny-dipped often, and cooked for their "unenlightened" prisoners.

However, a grill burned the house down one unfortunate day – and the cult members and basement prisoners fled back to their original homes.

6 Turned Husbands Into Gold Statues For Home Decor

SeraphStarchild's Sim deserves a seat as one of the most terrifying female characters to exist in the game. Aptly named "The Black Widow," she had her Sim marry one man after another. Little did each of her lovers know, however, that a sinister demise awaited them upon moving in with their beau.

Each husband was eventually led to the seductress' basement, where they were forced to play with the Philosopher's Stone (available in The Sims 3: Supernatural) until they turned into a golden statue, cementing their final pose of terror.

These golden statues were then displayed all about the Sim's mansion and outside grounds, with a "demonic" red light carefuly placed under each one – illuminating their horrid fate.

One would think that her succeeding victims would run for their lives, after seeing these creepy ornaments casually adorning her home.

5 Got Caught Cheating With His Wife's Ghost

They say true love never dies, and this Sim couple sure lived up to that. TheTattedspyder had his Sim marry what he soon realized was a "lazy slob" of a wife, who not only refused to clean up after her messes, but also, at the same time, groaned about how unclean their place had become.

It wasn't long before his Sim did what any understanding husband would do in a similar situation: lock her up in a one-square basement, where she would eventually die in her own filth.

Soon after, the player had his Sim wed another woman, and the two lived happily in the same house with a couple of children. Things were looking up, until the ghost of his ex-wife began to wander the residence.

To appease her wrathful spirit, the user decided to have his Sim chat her up, and soon enough the two ended up flirting – igniting old romantic sparks. He eventually ended up in bed with the ex-wife who he had so coldheartedly starved, only to be caught in the act by his current one.

4 Forced Sims To Dance Or Die

Nothing like torturing your Sim to death than by literally having them dance to their grave. Redditor AlexSushiDog shared the most sadistic thing he's ever performed in-game: imprisoning his beloved Sim family and all their friends in a terrifying "party room," where they were forced to vigorously dance to children's music until each one eventually died from exhaustion.

Along with blaring stereos, the nightmarish chamber also held a few fireplaces and a number of strobe lights – for that extra dose of epilepsy as they boogie'd to their life's end.

The player had what he stated were his "three commandments": that whoever doesn't dance kicks the bucket, whoever tries to put out a fire gets killed too, and whoever remains standing by the end of it all gets to leave.

He watched as about 30 Sims began dying off, leaving their gravestones in a room full of urine-tainted floors, obnoxious kids' music, and the perturbed ghosts of those who perished. Surprisingly, an elderly female Sim was the last lone survivor, who then took over the house and was made to lure other potential neighborhood victims into the dreaded "party room."

3 Had A Step-Father Marry His Step-Daughter While The Mother Had A Nervous Break Down

Turns out that pseudo_meat's Sims experience spawned quite a few bizarrely interesting narratives – from reverse-harems to "Woody Allen"-like relationships.

In one particular instance, she had a pregnant female Sim marry a fireman, who became the step-father to her two twin daughters and raised them as if they were his own.

They soon moved out for college, and out of pure curiosity, the player decided to perform a rather twisted experiment. She had the step-father invite one of the daughters back home, and after testing out a few flirty interactions, two began to ensue a disgusting, romantic affair.

The two eventually got married, with her sister even attending the ceremony. Meanwhile, their mother had heartlessly left their step-father, moving into a residence full of other Sim men. Maintaining sexual affairs with every one of them, she began popping out a number of accidental Sim babies, each with a different father.

Eventually, the house transformed into a sort of "Madeleine Work Camp," with the mother in charge of nurturing each kid on her own until they all left for college.

2 Killed Half The Town To Build A Graveyard

The Sims games, at the end of the day, are all about unleashing your creativity to optimize its sandbox features. Redditor BrainWantsTruth definitely showcased his by murdering almost all the townspeople in his game to create a full, proper graveyard for the community church.

To achieve this, he moved in a family of eight Sims into small, confined room, and burned them alive. This produced eight new tombstones for each killed Sim, which the player repeated for about nine times.

Satisfied with a large, realistic-looking cemetery by the end of it, a church was then build next to the burial grounds, where a priest was eventually moved in to care for the graveyard every now and again.

Unfortunately for this Sim, the crowds of unrested souls tormented his unsuspecting self each night, and he eventually died after only a few days due to lack of sleep.

1 Impregnated The Whole Neighborhood

NinjaDude5186's most messed up experience in the game revolved around a male Sim who essentially puts How I Met Your Mother's Barney Stinson to shame.

The player wanted to see just how far his Sim could take the "absent father" role by sleeping with every adult female in the neighborhood and having as many children out of wedlock as possible.

He made his Sim approach almost every woman he came across, eventually inviting them home and impregnating them. Soon enough, the player attained his goal: his virtual lothario's family tree expanded to about 40 children.

To maintain his Sim's status as the anonymous father of almost all of Riverview's youth, he ensured that his character ran off at the sight of any child attempting to approach him.

Eventually, he came across yet another young, female Sim to add to his list. Jumping in at the chance to seduce her, the player noticed that romantic interactions remained unavailable, no matter how well their relationship advanced.

It wasn't long before he realized why: the girl was one of his Sim's daughters, who he had never met.


Which one of these The Sims stories disturbed you most? What's the worst thing you've done in the game series? Let us know in the comments!

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