The Simpsons: 10 Tattoos Only True Fans Will Understand

The Simpsons have been around since late 1989; roughly 30 long but glorious years! True Simpsons fans know all of the characters but have their favorites. They also know almost all 600+ episodes and can even recite their all-time favorite quotes and catchphrases from this long-running cartoon TV series.

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While The Simpsons have tons of fans all over the globe, the true hardcore fans might just even have some ink tattooed on their bodies with their favorite character or Simpsons moment. If you love tattoos and The Simpsons, you are in the right place! Continue reading to see some awesome Simpsons tattoos that only true fans will understand.

10 Marge Is One Awesome Moth-

This is one fantastic tattoo of the loving mother and wife; Marge Simpson. Unless you are a true Simpsons fan, you may not understand why this tat has “Moth” written instead of “Mother.” For those of you who don’t know, it is a reference from when Bart went to get “mother” tattooed on him and his session got cut short and he ended up with “moth” instead. Let’s just say that Marge wasn’t too thrilled with her son’s loving gesture! It’s the thought that counts, though, right?

9 Friend’s Not Food

Lisa Simpson is a very loving and caring “wise beyond her years” kind of daughter, sister, and friend. The phrase that you don’t see in this picture says, “Friend’s, not food,” which is a typical Lisa saying. For those of you who aren’t aware, Lisa an animal-loving vegetarian. She stands up for the creatures that cannot stand up for themselves. She has been known to participate in rally’s and protesting anything that involves eating meat. Lisa has even tried inviting her family to join in on her ethical ways, but the rest of the Simpson family just couldn’t handle going without their red meat!

8 Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse

The eccentric Milhouse is pictured here and he is stepping in some flood water which was caused by Homer Simpson when he wanted to make “art for the whole town.” This tat says, “Everything’s coming up Milhouse.” Something that this Lisa-loving character says about his luck when he had on the perfect pair of pants to go stomping through the water in thanks to his parents.

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Milhouse seems to have the worst luck so when something does go right for him, everything really does come up Milhouse!

7 Sibling Love

This tattoo just screams, “Sibling love!” What’s a big brother for besides chopping off all their little sister’s hair? This tattoo is showing a baby Bart Simpson holding a pair of scissors while little baby Lisa is sitting pretty in a barber’s cape and missing hair. These siblings may fight pretty often, but by the end of every episode they always make up in such a loving manner. Even though Bart doesn’t like to admit it very often, he really does love his little sister and every now and then you can catch an episode where their love for one another shines through.

6 Eat My Shorts

You’ve got to love this tattoo with Bart Simpson’s classic catchphrase, “Eat my shorts!” It even looks like it could be in Bart’s own handwriting if you can recall what it looks like on Mrs. Krabappel’s never-ending chalkboard. He is seen here sporting his classic red shirt and blue pants and he appears to be housed inside a large heart. It seems like Bart says, “eat my shorts,” about every ten minutes or so during every episode. He has a sly look on his face like he’s up to his usual tricks!

5 Genuine Family Time

It wouldn’t be an article about The Simpsons without a tattoo of how Homer shows his love for the boy. It makes you wonder what Bart did to tick Homer off this time. You may also notice that the massively large donut in the background happens to be Homer’s all-time favorite donut since it has multicolored sprinkles on it!

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This tat clearly shows what kind of relationship this father-son duo has! This is how The Simpsons spend their genuine family time together!

4 Oh, I’m Not A Doctor

This next The Simpsons inspired tattoo shows the infamous “doctor” inside of a giant heart. The tat reads, “Oh, I’m not a doctor.” This is something that only true fans will understand since the “doctor” wasn’t in very many episodes at all. He is from the episode were Selma and Patty took The Simpsons kids to Duff Gardens and little Lisa was swimming in contaminated water. The “doctor” had given Selma a handful of pills and when Selma thanked the “doctor” he simply said, “Oh, I’m not a doctor!” What a catchy line, don’t you agree?

3 It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s… Bartman

At first glance, if you don’t watch The Simpsons very often, you might just think that the beloved Bart Simpson is just dressed up as a superhero or like Batman. However, to seasoned The Simpsons viewers, they would understand right away that this is no ordinary Bart Simpson. In fact, it’s Bartman! Bartman is pretty much like Bart’s alter-ego. He was been known to wipe crime off the streets of Springfield as well as teaching bullies a valuable lesson. Let’s give three cheers for The Bartman!

2 Homer’s Dieting Goals

Homer Simpson has been known to come up with some interesting schemes in order to either try to make money or to try to make his life easier. This tattoo shows Homer with one of his not so brilliant ideas. He decides that he wants to gain weight so that he weighs over 300 pounds in order to try to get on disability. Homer attempts this so that he would be able to work from home in order to become lazier than he already is perceived to be. From the IG post above, you can clearly see that Homer has met his lifelong goal!

1 The Enlightened Mr. Burns

This is probably one of the best moods that you will catch Mr. Burns in. He is just positively glowing in this tattoo from The Simpsons episode where Homer Simpsons thinks Mr. Burns is an alien when he sees him glowing like this from The Simpsons season eight, episode ten. Unless you are a true Simpsons fan, you may not have caught on that this glowing Mr. Burns was even from an episode. This tattoo was done in excellent quality! The colors are bright and vivid.

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