No, The Simpsons Is NOT Ending, Confirms Producer

Longtime series producer Al Jean has confirmed via Twitter that The Simpsons is definitely not ending after the current season is over.

The Simpsons is NOT ending after it's 31st season, according to one of the show's longtime producers. Recently, fans of the Fox show were suddenly concerned after comments made by The Simpsons' theme song composer, Danny Elfman, suggested the show would be ending sooner than expected, although many were suspicious of the statement's credibility since Fox has already renewed The Simpsons for more episodes.

As the longest-running scripted show in television history, The Simpsons has had to come up with multiple ways to keep the series fresh for fans, including but not limited to releasing their own feature-length film The Simpsons Movie and, for the first time ever, recently airing a horror-themed Thanksgiving Day episode which also doubled as The Simpson's longest episode on record. The series is even available on Disney+, although Disney's service happens to be missing an episode of The Simpsons from the show's Golden Age.

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Thankfully, fans now know for sure the show will be sticking around for at least a little while longer. Al Jean, a longtime producer on The Simpsons, recently took to Twitter and responded to one of the many articles written about the show's purported finality in a very Thanksgiving-like manner, saying, "We are all thankful the following article is NOT TRUE."

Although many fans are happy to hear The Simpsons will be staying on the air, others think the show has passed its peak and it should go ahead and end gracefully. In the responses to Jean's confirmation, one Twitter user equated the current iteration of the show to "watching paint dry with a dead body in front of it." To his credit, Jean seemed to take the comment in stride, replying simply, "Emmy best animated program 2019."

Few shows on television have been as iconic or influential as The Simpsons, and while many people may think the show has lost its edge and is naught but a watered-down version of its original incarnation, many others are still tuning in for the first time with each new episode, and children who grew up identifying with Bart or Lisa have now become adults who identify with Homer and Marge. All the way back in 2002 there was South Park episode which saw that show's characters lamenting the fact all of the good ideas had already been taken by The Simpsons, and yet it is now seventeen years later and the show is still on the air. Whenever The Simpsons does finally end, it will do so having set records which may not be broken in any of their residual viewer's lifetimes.

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