The Simpsons: 10 Funniest Mr. Burns Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Homer's boss and richest man in Springfield, Mr. Burns, is one of the few, truly diabolical characters on The Simpsons. He's had a few humanizing moments, but those are far outweighed by the truly awful things that Burns has done over the years. And enjoyed doing them to boot.

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But just because Burns is evil does not make him any less hilarious. He has been responsible for many of the show's funniest moments, with his outlandish schemes to make a profit and his general disdain for the unwashed masses. Here are 10 hilarious memes the internet has spawned about the animated boss from Hell:

10 Too Happy

Mr. Burns objects to the idea of people having fun at the workplace. During the time of his youth, people went to offices to slave away at their desks to turn the company a profit. Modern concepts such as 'employees being the company shareholders' and 'fun workplace environment' are entirely lost on Burns.

After all, to a man like Burns, there is no possible profit to be gained by caring about employee happiness. And the funny thing is, a lot of modern CEOs share this exact same belief but are constrained by political correctness from stating it outright.

9 Burns's Ted Talk

Mr. Burns might be the worst motivational speaker ever. For starters, he has no concept of adapting to the audience. He would present the same spiel about eliminating friendships, family, and religion to succeed to a class of middle schoolers as he would to a class of MBA graduates.

It would be hilarious to imagine Mr. Burns present a similar seminar on a Ted Talk and reaching an audience of millions. Unfortunately, there are more than a few viewers who would doubtlessly buy into his argument and completely screw up their personal lives as a result.

8 Everyone Hates Burns

It cannot be overstated just how much the entire town of Springfield hates Mr. Burns. They fear him because of his enormous wealth, but would cheerfully decapitate the wizened businessman at the smallest opportunity. That was why when Mr. Burns was once shot in a lonesome spot, almost the entire town became suspects.

On the other hand, it doesn't take much for Groundskeeper Willie to threaten to kill someone. The deranged Scotsman is one bad day away from going on a murder spree.

7 War Against Nature

Burns takes possibly the pettiest, most short-sighted view of nature. But you kind of see where he is coming from. Men like Burns made their fortunes waging war against nature and reaping the profits. The concept of co-existing peacefully with nature would be totally foreign to him.

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In fact, Burns is convinced the current global climate issues are a sign of nature finally admitting its defeat. It's difficult to imagine what Burns' idea of victory in such a scenario would be. Some kind of Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic scenario?

6 Becoming Burns

Most of us will never know what it is like to wield the kind of power and money that Burns does. But monopoly can help us get an approximation of the feeling of being a ruthless businessman who would do anything for profit. Just imagine the hotels you are setting up on the board are built on land that has forcefully evicted poorer housing communities, public libraries, and maybe an orphanage or two.

Just be careful you don't get a taste for that feeling of malevolent power as you sit with your fingertips steepled together, muttering 'Excellent' while imagining the cries of the pleading orphans. The other players will be forced to band together to kick you out of the game for just being an awful, awful person.

5 A Literal Nazi

Mr. Burns has done some pretty repugnant things in the past. But few compare to the time when he basically admitted to being an ally of literal nazis during the second world war. When the town held a film festival, Burns thought the time ripe for a biopic on his life. The actual Steven Spielberg being unavailable, Burns picked out his Mexican equivalent.

Burns apparently thought his story was similar to Oscar Schindler's. Except instead of helping prisoners escape, he actively aided their captor nazis. The worst part is it is made clear that Burns does not consider his actions negative in any way.

4 Low-esteem Burns

This meme reimagines Burns as a guy with low self-esteem employed at a store. When a customer comes in, Burns tries to be a good host and welcomes him with a friendly smile and a greeting. As is a habit with many customers, Burns' attempt at friendliness is ignored by the other person, and so all Burns can do is continue smiling brightly while silently dying inside and telling himself to eff himself. To be fair, there is not much else an employee can do in a situation like this.

3 Stewie's Counterpart

When Family Guy crossed over with The Simpsons, we got to see many FG characters inspired by their Simpsons counterparts sharing screen space. While some people thought Lois's dad Carter should be next to Burns, the truth is, the two do not share many similarities beyond being successful businessmen.

Burns has a much more diabolical mind and is much more similar to Stewie in this regard. The two have often hatched plans to bring doom to their towns and even the planet, and show little to no remorse for their dastardly actions.

2 The Boss From Hell

It cannot be overstated just how terrible an employer Burns is. He is always looking for ways to save money, at the expense of the comfort and safety of those who work for him. In fact, sometimes Burns goes out of his ways to torture his employees, just because it amuses him. It is difficult to imagine why no one among his workers has reported the many shady goings-on at the nuclear power plant, although knowing Burns, he's probably already paid off the cops. Despite setting himself up in different jobs over the years, Homer always finds himself coming back to work for Burns again.

1 The Face Of Corporate Evil

Mr. Burns was a meme before memes existed, and even before the internet was around. The image of this ancient businessman, fingertips joined together while a malevolent smile spreads across his face, breathing out his single-word catchphrase 'Excellent.' will forever be associated with the image of pure corporate evil in the minds of Simpsons fans. In time, that image and that catchphrase became synonymous with any person who is secretly gloating over some evil deed they have set in motion.

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