The Simpsons Parody The 2016 Presidential Debates in New Short

The Simpsons has had its highs and lows since its debut in 1989. The longest running TV show ever is currently in its 27th season with at least one more to come. The well-known yellow family has been criticised for lacking freshness and comedy in recent years - and what with Harry Shearer, who voices many major characters, having almost left the series recently, it's no surprise then that Matt Groening and his team has been attempting to take the show down different avenues.

In recent years, The Simpsons' run has included Family Guy crossover, rumours of Homer and Marge divorcing, Sideshow Bob finally 'killing' Bart, and an extended 1980s cop show couch gag. Most recently, we even got news about a live (yes really) animated Q&A with Homer this upcoming May.

FOX has now released a new Simpsons political satirical short entitled 'The Debatable Eight', which you can watch above. The video depicts Marge waking up from a nightmare that was caused by the distress of the 2016 primary season. Homer attempts to calm her by asking her to imagine a world in which 'Republicans, Democrats and Donald Trump all get along.' We're then treated to a rendition of the tune How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) from Trump, Clinton and Sanders amongst other major presidential candidates. (Perhaps a highlight being a couple of break dancing head spins from Donald Trump, before getting up and his incredible 'hair' fixing itself back into place.) The peace doesn't last long though, what with a joke-fuelled fight breaking out in the latter half.

The Simpsons parody 2016 presidential debates

It's great when a much-loved show like The Simpsons tenaciously tries to stay fresh and relevant with popular culture gags like this one. It'll be interesting to see whether snippets like this and the live Q&A session work and bring some fresh life to the cartoon comedy series.

With rumours that The Simpsons might bow out in its 30th season it would be wise for Groening and his team to think hard about how they can end on a high note - rather than just petering to a halt like an exhausted steam engine. Everyone knows that The Simpsons has had frequent opportunities to go out on a high note, so here's to hoping that whenever it does reach the end of its run the series will end with a bang.

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The Simpsons season 27 is currently airing on FOX.

Source: FOX

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