‘The Shadow’ Looming Over Fox?

The Shadow Film

The Shadow reboot is just about as difficult to pin-down as the pulp novel character himself. It’s certainly been a while since any new details on the franchise remake have emerged.

Now, Latino Review is reporting that the Sam Raimi produced The Shadow movie has moved from Sony Pictures and is headed for 20th Century Fox – and that Emma Watts, President of Production at Fox, may have paid a million dollars to make it happen.

At one point, Raimi had also been expected to direct the project but with the rumor of a new studio also comes the possibility of David Slade taking the film’s director chair. Slade, who worked with Raimi on 30 Days of Night, recently finished up Twilight: Eclipse in 3D, and is also responsible for the 2005 thriller Hard Candy.

With so many high-profile superhero movies spilling out of Hollywood, a The Shadow reboot still seems like bizarre investment. Sure the Russell Malcahy treatment in 1994 made a good amount of money, but the film appeared prior to the massive surge of mainstream superhero stories that have been in development throughout the last decade.

There’s no doubt the character’s pulp-novel background provides plenty of material for a series of feature-length films. However, even with Raimi’s creative eye on the project, it’s still difficult to imagine audiences lining up outside their local theater for a character with less notoriety, set in a time-period with fewer opportunities for the large-scale action set-pieces moviegoers have come to expect from their hero films.

A superhero movie is a smart next step for Slade; though, The Shadow will definitely require a bit more nuancing than other, more straight-forward, and ultimately more recognizable, superhero stories. The success of The Shadow reboot will depend more heavily on the filmmaker’s vision than other more mainstream characters would.

Personally, I’d be more likely to see The Shadow reboot if they brought Alec Baldwin back in the lead role – retrofitting The Shadow as the alter-ego to Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. Otherwise, Raimi and Slade would have to put together something pretty special to compete with franchises like Iron Man and The Dark Knight.

Are you ready for The Shadow to reboot? What if Slade were directing?

No release information for The Shadow is available at this time.But we’ll keep you posted as soon as anything official is announced.

Source: Latino Review

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