'The Saint' TV Series Update

We reported this months ago, but now it is official through the trades - that James Purefoy is in talks to star in a TV movie/ backdoor pilot (not as crude as it sounds) of The Saint.

The good news in all this is that this new version will be directed by Hollywood heavy hitter Barry Levinson, director of Rain Man and Good Morning, Vietnam amongst others.

The pilot was written by the spell check friendly Jorge Zamacona, who first worked with Levinson on the great 1990's detective show Homicide: Life on the Street.

The show will be produced by Bill Macdonald, and Geoffrey and Roger Moore. Moore, in case you didn't know, got his big break starring as Simon Templar in the 1960's version of The Saint before moving on to the even more iconic role of James Bond.

The new series (if the pilot is successful) will be produced independently and then pitched to TV networks. No updates on when shooting will begin, but don't be surprised to see this new version of Leslie Charteris' character on television screens within the next year.

Total Random Fact: I was on the set of Levinson's An Everlasting Piece nine years ago when he shot the film in Belfast.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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