Exclusive: Tommy Wiseau Wants to RESHOOT (Not Re-Release) The Room in Modern 3D

Tommy Wiseau in 3D glasses

Tommy Wiseau has revealed his proposed 3D version of The Room won't be a post-conversion effort, but a completely reshot remake. The Room may be the most bizarre success story in Hollywood history. A notoriously terrible film that cost an eye-watering $6 million and had a production so fraught it became the topic of a best-selling book, it's become known as the "Citizen Kane of bad movies", and as an ironic result, one of the most successful cult movies of all time.

The recent release of making-of The Disaster Artist seems to have sealed its status and pushed its creator into the mainstream. Tommy Wiseau is, for lack of a better word, a celebrity, finally getting to attend the Golden Globes as a guest of James Franco (and even trying to steal his mic during his Best Actor acceptance speech). It's led to a nationwide release of The Room to sold-out crowds, and to several new prospects for Wiseau and friend Greg Sestero (writer of the aforementioned book on which Franco's film is based); the pair will soon star in their next film, Best F(r)iends, although Tommy has greater plans for The Room. He recently talked about a 3D re-release, and now we have some surprising new details.

Screen Rant recently talked with Wiseau and Sestero about The Room's success and their future plans, during which time Wiseau shed some light on 3D version.

"My idea is to actually do 3D but technology has changed and I need to maybe reshoot it - with all the imperfections of course - in 3D. Because I do have the footage... it'll be cheaper to reshoot it if you ask me based on the technology, my resources, than just to use what we have. So that's the plan for The Room."

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero in The Room

That Wiseau wants the best possible 3D effect is only to be expected - a key part of The Room's production was his desire to make "real Hollywood movie", and it's well known post-converted 3D pales to native stereoscopy - but to reshoot the entire movie would be a major task. He does make clear that any redone version would recreate all the elements that have made The Room so infamous, although that's the most doubtful part; even to the level of faithfulness as Franco's recreations for The Disaster Artist, it would lead to a completely different movie.

If he were to do this, it would technically be the third time The Room has been shot. As part of his novel first production, Wiseau created a two camera rig that shot the film on both 35mm film and digital, footage from which was then mixed to create the finished product. In theory, that digital copy - if it still exists in its entirety - would be suitable for some form of retrofit should a remake prove too excessive (although would still raise problems with the famously flat green screen backdrops).

Regardless of intentions, Wiseau is incredibly busy; along with growing The Room's notoriety with worldwide Q&A screenings and Best F(r)iends, he's got lots of other aspirations, including playing the Joker in a DC film. All that may mean, however he chooses to do it, The Room 3D is a fair way off.

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The Room is currently available on Blu-ray (and playing as a special engagement in select theaters).

The Disaster Artist arrives on Blu-ray, DVD, and streaming platforms March 13th.

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