Ring 3D Is On The Way

Ring 3D

When it was released in 2002, the American remake of the cult Japanese horror, The Ring, was a commercial hit ($250 million worldwide), leading to a sequel three years later, which was also somewhat successful at the box office ($160 million worldwide). And with Hollywood's recent fascination with both sequels and 3D, I guess it was only a matter of time before we got a third Ring movie in three dimensions.

Heat Vision is reporting that Paramount is moving forward with Ring 3D, the third installment in the franchise. But although the first two featured Naomi Watts in the leading role, the third one is being aimed to reboot the franchise, making a more teen-centric movie.

Plans are already well underway for Ring 3D, with David Loucka (Dream House) already tapped to write the script. Producers of the first two Ring movies, Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, are in negotiations to return with Vertigo and Benderspink exec producing. No director has been found as of yet.

Needless to say with the whole new "teen-centric" angle, Naomi Watts won't be returning. And even if the studio wanted her, I doubt she would want to now that she's so successful (the first Ring helped launch the Aussie actress into mainstream Hollywood). The plot of Ring 3D is being kept under wraps for the time being, although as part of the goal of shaking things up with the franchise, a potential scenario is a group of teenagers who find an old VHS player that still works.

Naomi Watts in The Ring

Ah, remember the good old days of those chunky tapes you had to rewind slowly?...

I actually thought the first Ring was damn good, one of the few American remakes of an Asian film that I think was superior to the original (the scares weren't as well done, but the story was far better). The second one was good for some "boo!" moments but wasn't all that great.

I have to say I'm not looking forward to what Paramount has planned for the third Ring. The 3D aspect kind of makes sense due to the nature of the video tape curse within the story (finally things coming out of the screen at you is justified! :P ).

The Ring franchise suited to 3D?
The Ring franchise suited to 3D?

However, I really don't like the idea of making it a teen horror rather than one led by a quality investigative story as the first one was. Does Hollywood not learn anything from movies like Sorority Row and Prom Night?

What do you think of the third Ring movie being in 3D? And what about the new focus of the franchise being teen-centric?

No word on when Ring 3D will start shooting or when it will be released in theaters. But Screen Rant will keep you posted as always.

Source: Heat Vision (via Collider)

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