'The Resident' Trailer: Schlock Horror Personified


Hammer Films, the studio which brought us last year's excellent remake Let Me In, has unleashed a new trailer for its next horror movie entitled The Resident (originally given the much more interesting title Invasion of Privacy).

The Resident stars Hilary Swank as a "single woman" (as the trailer not-to-subtly states) who moves into a new apartment that appears too good to be true - maybe because, not long after she moves in, she starts to notice strange things happening in the apartment. Eventually she begins to suspect that it may have something to do with her new landlord, played Jeffrey Dean Morgan (reuniting Swank with him for the first time since the romance drama P.S. I Love You).

The premise is as basic as this sort of thing can get. Unfortunately the trailer doesn't do much to inspire confidence in the film - which is looking like the typical schlock horror. The fact the film is headed straight-to-DVD (in the U.S.) doesn't exactly help its reputation.

Take a look at the trailer for yourself below:

One wonders why two-time Academy Award winner Swank does these sorts of films (she also did The Reaping).

More interesting than anything in the trailer itself is the fact that this is the first Hammer film to star Christopher Lee - since he pretty much personified the studio back in the '60s and '70s as Dracula (among other characters). The last Hammer film he starred in was To The Devil A Daughter in 1976.

Christoper Lee in The Resident

Lee provides the best, perhaps only, creepy parts in the trailer but, as a whole, this looks like another one of those predictable horror films that does nothing to bring anything new to the genre.

The Resident will be released straight-to-DVD in the U.S. on March 29th, 2011. UK audiences will get to see the film on the big-screen - when the film is released theatrically on March 11th, 2011.

Source: Youtube (thanks to Pajiba)

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