The required Oscar post

I suppose I should write something about the Oscars (and no, I'm not going to insert that little trademark symbol.) To be perfectly honest, I really wasn't all that enthused about tuning in this year. As a matter of fact I missed the first 40 minutes so I can't comment on Chris Rock's opening monologue or whatever else happened up until then.

I must say that of what I did see, it seemed that Rock behaved himself rather well. I believe that my pre-broadcast opinion that all the controversy surrounding his comments about the show were just meant to attract attention and get people to tune in, turned out to be accurate.

I'd like to comment on what was IMO the STUPIDEST bit of the night, and that was the Adam Sandler/Chris Rock bit revolving around Catherine Zeta-Jones. They pretended there was a mix-up and that Rock had to come out and play Zeta-Jones part and Sandler was reading (obviously) idiotic lines off the teleprompter about how sexy she was. This was truly idiotic and painful to watch.

I missed Rock's Jude Law comment earlier in the show, but Sean Penn came out and took issue with whatever it was that Chris Rock said earlier. Not having heard the comment but since having read about it, perhaps Penn wasn't off-base.

What else... I was watching the program on delay via Tivo, so fortunately I was able to skip over all the singing bits. I only saw one award given out in the audience area and I thought that was cheesy. The idea of bringing all the nominees on stage wasn't a bad one though and helped keep things moving. I have to admit I felt a bit of glee not seeing Moore's F 9/11 up for a documentary award.

I thought Jamie Foxx's acceptance speech was really touching and from the heart... nicely done, and I hope that this year's wins will finally lay to rest the anti-African-American Oscar awards argument.

Oh, and I guess once it's on DVD I'll have to rent Million Dollar Baby and see what the fuss is all about.

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