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The first footage from the upcoming CW Seed animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray has arrived, showing the hero fighting Nazi versions of Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl. While the DC movies have moved to the shared universe model, the comic publishers TV output has taken a varied approach. Shows like Gotham and Krypton exist on their own, but a smaller universe has slowly emerged surrounding Arrow. With the premiere of Black Lightning next year, the Arrowverse will contain five live-action series (Constantine serves as a grandfathered-in sixth show). But thanks to the CW Seed, the universe has continued to grow in less visible ways.

A few years back, the CW's streaming service introduced the limited series Vixen. Since that time, both the character and her grandmother have joined the live-action Arrowverse, and the villain of the show will be coming to Legends of Tomorrow in the fall. Coming soon, a new series will join the animated universe, but with a completely different approach. We learned last year that Freedom Fighters: The Ray would bring the hero from the comics to the CW Seed for a new series. Now, thanks to Comic-Con, we have our first look at the series.

CW Seed unveiled an extended clip from Freedom Fighters: The Ray along with a synopsis for the show. In it, we see the light-powered hero and his team of Freedom Fighters take on Nazi versions of Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl in a world where the Germans won World War II and have created a dystopian society.

From the creators of #Arrow and #TheFlash, Freedom Fighters: #TheRay premieres this fall on CW Seed!

— CW Seed (@cwseed) July 23, 2017

"Raymond “Ray” Terrill was a reporter who discovered a group of government scientists working on a secret project to turn light into a weapon of mass destruction. But before he could report on his findings, the project head exposed Ray to a “genetic light bomb.” The bomb failed to kill him and instead gifted Ray with light-based powers. With these abilities, Ray realized he could go beyond reporting on injustice — he could take action to help stop it. Calling himself The Ray, he was recruited by Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters to fight violence and oppression wherever it exists."

The first Ray was introduced back in the '40s while the Freedom Fighters first came around in the '70s. The version we'll meet in Freedom Fighters is the newest take on the hero who debuted in 1992's The Ray #1. As for the Earth X iteration, that's an even more recent take on the character in the comics. By using the alternate reality, the modern Ray will not only be able to keep fighting Nazis like his predecessor, but we'll get to see evil versions of the core Arrowverse heroes.

Joining the Ray will be Black Condor, Phantom Lady, and Red Tornado - who's appeared in live-action during the first season of Supergirl. Whether the character will ever cross over to Earth One and live-action is unknown. We also don't know if the various Arrowverse actors will reprise their roles like they did for Vixen, as it's hard to discern from their few lines in the clip.

We haven't heard much about the show or Vixen since last year, but it looks like DC is still keen to use the digital and animated platform of Seed to tell stories that can't make it to TV. What's also unknown is if DC's new digital streaming service, which will premiere Young Justice season 3 and Titans, will replace Seed or if they'll both coexist as platforms for new content.

With Freedom Fighters: The Ray coming sometime in the fall, hopefully we'll learn more about the series soon.

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